Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy 1st Day of Baseball Season

I'm currently writing this from my truck. No, I'm not driving. I'm just sitting in my truck with the heat running listening to the LSU baseball game because I'd turned into a popsicle in the stands. According to the little temp thingy in the truck it's 52 degrees. Trust me it feels much colder.

Back in the day this would've been a most exiciting day. My friends & I & even Dean couldn't wait until the first day of baseball season. Nothing short of death kept us from "The Box". We sat in cold, rain, extreme heat & yes even snow. Sadly, those days are gone. I still enjoy the games but it's just not the same.

Aside from the weather conditions I've had a good start to my weekend. I only worked until 12:30 which is always a good thing. I went to my parents to visit a bit & then headed to Zachary. A wonderful friend took pity on my sewing post & graciously offered to fix my pants. Thanks Mrs. Carolyn! I enjoyed visiting with you & Mr. Ron & Emmaleigh is so cute!! (I just love how she spells her name!!). After our visit I went to get my hair cut & highlighted. I love to get my hair done. There's nothing like having someone wash & massage your head!! Now instead of roots I have fresh caramel highlights. Don't you just feel better when you have good hair??

Tonight was the first baseball game of the season & we had 2 extra tickets. We brought "the girls", our neighbors & good friends, Alexandra & Allie. They love Mikie Mahtook. Mikie, if you happen to run across this, they'd love to meet you, take a picture with you & go out with you.

Speaking of pictures, this is Alexandria, Allie & me.

Dean & I were pleasantly surprised when we got to our seats & saw Brent, Dean's cousin & best man in our wedding. Brent lives in North Carolina & we don't see him as often as we'd like. Of course I got a picture! This is Brent, me & Dean with is ridiculous hat on.

Oh how I hate that hat! It's not so much the hat but that stupid fluffy yellow ball on the top just looks ridiculous! You can get the full effect of the ridiculousness of it in this picture but trust me. I hate hate hate it!!!

It's now time for bed because I'm getting up bright & early to go see Logan. I'm going to watch him while Lydia gets her hair done. I can't wait to see him!



  1. Was great to see you also, Traci. My weekend ended up being busier than I thought so I plan to "hem" tomorrow. I'll let you know when the hems are done.

  2. I really need to get into baseball season...but it's sooooooooo long! The hubs played pro, so needless to say it's on ALL the time in our house!