Monday, February 22, 2010

I Spell Loser T I G E R!

Dean has Sean Hannity on. I still say this is the source of my teeth grinding. I watch 5 minutes of this show & get so worked up it's ridiculous. Tonight his guest was Gloria Allred. In case you don't know, she's the attorney that is representing some of those chicks that Tiger had the affairs with. This woman has lost her mind! She's demanding that Tiger owes her client an apology. I'm in no way defending Tiger. I think he's a loser with a capital L. BUT, why would he owe this chick an apology?? According to Gloria, he "hurt her & lied to her". Hmmm, interesting argument about a woman that KNEW she was having an affair with Tiger Woods who she knew was MARRIED. Hannity was trying to make this point but Gloria wasn't having it. Hannity finally said that he doesn't think Tiger owes a porn star an apology. Gloria's defense to that was "she's not a porn star, she hasn't done that in 2 yrs." Hannity's response "ok former porn star". This brings me to Tiger's press conference. I actually watched it live. Not because I care but there wasn't anything else to do. I personally think it was just a big joke. No, the paparazzi shouldn't be stalking your kids but maybe you should've thought about that before you chose to cheat on your wife. Loser Loser Loser!!! Now I've got to go put my mouth piece in so Dean can sleep through the teeth grinding.

Night Night!

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  1. I used to put that on as my hubs was falling asleep and he'd wake up all fired up! ah ha ha