Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The Box"

As most of you know I'm a huge LSU baseball fan. My interest has waned a bit over the last few seasons but I still spend a lot of time at "The New Box". Saturday, I went by the old box which will always be "The Box" to me. I was very sad to see this.

I knew they were in the process of tearing it down but I didn't think it would look like this. This is where our seats used to be.

It just doesn't seem like a dignified way for it to die, so to speak. That place has seen so many things and been a part of so many memories for so many people. It's a shame to see it like this.

Typical of LSU, they only care about making money. Everything has been stripped from the stadium & is being auctioned on their website. Lucky for me that I had the foresight to get dirt from the field the weekend of the last game. Dean managed to get home plate at the beginning of the last season & a good friend of ours that is a Landscape Architect at LSU got us a piece of sod from the field after the last season & it's currently growing in our yard. Before long that's all that will be left of "The Box".


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