Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

As I said last time I was here, we were going to watch Couples Retreat. I enjoyed it much more than Four Christmases. Thank God. It was funny & Vince only had a couple of moments. Overall, it was a funny movie!

Yesterday, Dean & I were going to run a couple of errands. We planned to go to Sam's & Academy. We ended up at the outlet mall too. Dean needed tennis shoes. I'm sad to say that Dean got 2 pair & I got zero! I saw lots of cute summer shoes but I refrained. I was looking for a cute pair of black flats & they didn't have the ones I really liked in my size. Oh well, maybe next time. I did pick up a couple of things at Sam's. I got EA Action for the Wii & a pretty patio umbrella base. I didn't get an umbrella because I'd really like a red one & all Sam's had was tan & green. After looking online & seeing what a fabulous price Sam's has I may be getting a green one. We ate lunch at Chili's. They've changed the menu but I still enjoyed it.

When we got home we were getting ready to go to Church & Mrs. Joyce called. Her & Mr. Andrew had been in the ER since noon. Mr. Andrew was short of breath. They'd run all sorts of test & hadn't found anything but they were going to do another one to check for blood clots. When we got to the hospital they had determined that he had "lots" of blood clots in both lungs & one in his leg. They were going to put him in ICU for the night to keep an eye on him while administering blood thinners. Dean stayed with him & I went with Mrs. Joyce to her house to get clothes. When we got back we were able to see him & he looked fine & was his usual self. Mrs. Joyce came & spent the night with us so she didn't have to drive all the way home. He was moved to a regular room today & is expected to be there a couple of days. We visited with him today & it seems his biggest problem is the mattress. It's very, very thin. When we left the hospital we had dinner at Times Grill. Overall we had a relaxing Valentine's Day. I was able to do a little more organizing in the LSU room which is my current project. I've got a couple of boxes loaded up to bring to Goodwill.

We had 2 fabulously sunny, beautiful days. It was soooo nice. Well, that's done. We are currently under a winter weather advisory & snow is expected around 2am. WTH???? This is getting out of hand. It's snowed twice in like 2 months & now it may be twice in 4 days???? It's ridiculous. I still say Global Warming is a farce & nobody will convince me otherwise!!


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