Sunday, February 21, 2010

From The Window To The Wall

Once again the weekend is coming to a close. What a bummer. I often wonder if it's better to stay home & do nothing & have the weekend go by slow or be busy doing fun stuff & have it fly by. Just something to ponder.

Saturday morning I went to see this little guy.

Lydia had a hair appointment so me, Logan & Baxter hung out. We played & took lots of pictures. As fun as it was, it was sad too. Logan doesn't want to be held anymore. What a sad day. I'd pick him up & he was content for all of about 30 seconds & he wanted down. He did a lot of this.

Then there was this.

Logan would go to the window & Baxter would follow him. Then by the time we got back to the living room & to Logan's toys, Baxter would go back to the window & off went Logan right behind him. This went on for awhile. It was a vicious cycle. I guess all the going back & forth wore Baxter out & he decided to take a nap.

Logan, however, was not ready for a nap.

And the cycle continues! From the window......

Our Godchild had his birthday party Saturday afternoon. On my way I made a stop & got this.

Yep, it's a fish. I've been looking for one of these for months. Back in October I was shopping with my friend Allison & I saw a fish that I loved at a furniture store. The only problem with the fish is that it was $50. The thrifty side of me wouldn't allow myself to pay $50 for a ceramic fish that I was going to put in the landscaping by the pool. After the Saints won the Superbowl this particular store was offering a 50% discount on an accessory. Well, of course the fish was gone. This one isn't exactly like the one I wanted but it was $20 & I do like it. I got it at Drusilla Imports.

Next stop, the birthday party. Lane was 4 on Thursday. Happy Birthday Lane!! His party was at Monkey Bizz. Here's the birthday boy. It was really difficult to get him to look at the camera with the cake & ice cream distracting him.

This is Lane opening his gift from Dean & I.

We have provided him with the ability to be his own one man band. He now has a drum from Guatemala & a flute & morroco from Cozumel. Vicki, remember that we provided these instruments if he's one day a famous musician.

Our friend Jill was there with her family too. This is Preston.

He had his 1st birthday Friday. Happy Birthday Preston! Jill's birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday Jill! See a pattern here??? Preston loved this car ride.

Another friend, Allison, had her family at the party as well. This is Cael & a little glimpse of Jill's little girl Bayleigh.

Cael's the little bruiser of the bunch! Surprisingly, he was bruise free. That's a tremendous feat for Cael! For a hot minute I thought there was going to be a brewhaha between Cael & some much larger/older kids. You see, Spongebob made an appearance. For whatever reason these people thought it would be a good idea to bring their own Spongebob into a children's birthday place. He was attacked by a bunch of kids. When Cael saw him, he took off & was pushing his way through those bigger kids to get close & give Spongebob a hug. This was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. Spongebob ended up making a pretty quick exit. This is Allison attempting to get a picture of me & Cael. He was very busy & told me "I'm racing".

Once the party was over my next stop was the LSU game. It was starting to get cold when our friends Paul & Niki came & sat with us. It's been awhile since we've seen each other so Niki & I spent the game catching up. By the 6th inning the score was ridiculous (16-3) so we left & went to La Carreta for dinner & Rumrita's!! It was all delicious & we had a really good time.

I had every intention of going to the LSU game today too but that didn't happen. We went to 7:00 Mass & stopped & did our grocery shopping. The weather was yuck. It wasn't raining but looked like it would be at any moment. I decided to stay home & nap & catch up on my shows on the DVR. I did a little laundry & picking up around the house as well.

I'll leave you with this, just because he's soooo cute!!



  1. Ron said the game today was EXCELLENT.

  2. HA HA HA -- that's all I can say. He is definitely his father's child! A.D.D all the way!

  3. That's what Dean said too Mrs. Carolyn. That usually happens when I don't go! I listened to a lot of it on the radio.