Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bad Looking Out

This morning I went to Babies R Us to by a Wii. They were advertising in their sale paper that when you buy the Wii you get either a case or a charger thing free. A $40 value. Being that everywhere I looked has been sold out I called them before I went over there. They told me they had 2 & would hold one if I was coming today. Off I went. The girls at the service desk gave me a look when I told them why I was there. Then they asked me "we have some?" Um yeh. I don't work there or anything but yes you have 2. Off she goes to wherever & after a few minutes she came back with it. Of course when I ask about the free accessory she acts like she has no clue what I'm talking about. I had my sale paper though. Off she goes again only to come back & tell me that they don't sell the accessories & that I can go to Toys R Us when they get some in & return it & re-buy it to get the free thing. Fine whatever. Off I go to Toys R Us. I know this is a lot of work but it's $40 & it's right across the street. Lucky for me they had the accessory & didn't give me any problems & now I have my charger.

Back to Babies R Us, when I was paying the cashier asked if I wanted to join their reward program, "it's free". Isn't that nice? In the last 4 yrs. I've spent a small fortune at this store because everyone I know has had a baby & this is the FIRST time anyone ever mentioned the rewards program. Apparently, they send you coupons & for every $150 you spend you get a coupon. So sign up if you haven't.

After I left Toys R Us I went to Baum's Bakery. There was an article in this mornings paper about their black & gold fleur de lis king cakes. I thought that would be the perfect thing to bring to the Super Bowl Party we're going to. I get there & they don't have any. They have about a million regular king cakes all over the place. It seems like it would've been a better idea to have a bunch of Saints king cakes made up being that it is Super Bowl weekend & you're going to have an article in the paper. Did I mention that the sign outside said "We have Saints king cakes!"?? However, if I want to come back after 3:00 they'll have some. Sorry, no thanks. Bad looking out I tell ya.

I went to Mass this afternoon. The closing hymn was "When The Saints Go Marching In". I've NEVER heard so much singing. As our Priest left the altar he threw in a "Who Dat"!!! It was pretty awesome!

Speaking of the Saints, it's been more than 24 hours since I've heard "Get Crunk". What's up with that???