Friday, February 10, 2017


Really happy it's Friday. That also means we're one week closer to tax season being over & having our early Friday's back. I HATE working until 5:00. Traffic is awful all of the time but leaving at 5:00 just makes it worse. When I worked at The Advocate I worked until 4:30. I had no idea just how much of a difference that 30 minutes makes with traffic. Tuesday it took 55 minutes for me to get home. Twice as long as it should. Last night I had to pick up race packets for the Mardi Gras Mambo Saturday. That meant I went home a different way. All that did was solidify that it's NOT the way to go home. 2 trains at the SAME intersection less than a minute apart. I don't understand how that's even possible. 

Speaking of the Mardi Gras Mambo, I got an email from them saying that because I've been a past participant for several years I'm a VIP. HA! What exactly does that entail? VIP packet pickup last night with snacks & wine. Of course it just happened to be at our local Fleet Feet where there were sales going on so basically being a VIP cost me $50 because I bought a couple of running tops. I can assure you this will be the only time I'm ever a VIP for any sort of race. Or probably anything else for that matter. 

The Mardi Gras Mambo has a 10K and a 15K. I'm running the 15K so I needed to do a longish run last weekend.

I did 8 miles Sunday morning. 

Sunday evening we went down the street to a Super Bowl party.

Can you tell who we were pulling for? We have a friend that is a coach for the Falcons. They lived across the street from us when he was a coach at LSU. 

 There were around 50 people there & each family brought something. There was a TON of food. 

This was my favorite. It was just your basic yellow cake with butter cream icing decorated for Mardi Gras. I could eat butter cream straight out of a bowl. LOVE IT!

I didn't even set my clock to get up Monday morning to run because it was a later than normal Sunday night. 

Monday night I woke up practically every hour so I turned the alarm off. 
Finally, Wednesday morning I got up & ran. At 4:30 it was only 70 degrees with 90% humidity. So ridiculous. This weather is crazy.

Last Thursday the owner of the body shop called Dean - that was a first - he told Dean "the plan" was to paint my car Monday & he "hopes" to have us pick it up Thursday. Guess what??? Today's Friday, a week later & I do not have my car. I'm not the least bit surprised. That whole "hope" thing doesn't exactly fill you with confidence in what he's telling you. I'm so over it.


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