Thursday, February 16, 2017

Amost Friday

I feel like all I do is look forward to Fridays. Saturday was the Mardi Gras Mambo. Me, Scott, Lydia & Logan were all running. Dean came out to keep an eye on Logan while the rest of us ran.

Notice how we're dressed? It was HOT. Me, Scott & Lydia were running the 15K but around mile 4 Lydia decided to do the 10K because it was so hot.

Allie was running the 10K

Logan ran the 1 mi. fun run. 

Getting ready to start! 

Approaching the finish line.

We were at the finish line cheering him on. He ran that mile in 6:41. That kid amazes me. If I only had to run 1 mi. & I ran as fast as I possibly could, I couldn't do in that time. He still has a problem with starting. He runs all out at the beginning. We've all tried explaining to him that he needs to start a little slower. 

He was 2nd in his age group so he won the hat.

Scott was also 2nd in his age group. He won a beanie.

Monday morning I ran.

My legs were tired. 

I got back out there Wednesday morning. It was cold & windy. Louisiana weather is the best. 

Friday when I got home from work Dean got a call from the insurance adjuster. Long story short, he thought we had the car. He called the body shop, they said we'd been notified that we could pick the car up Tuesday. Um no. We had not been notified. Monday rolls around & the body shop guy called & said  there was a problem with the rear air the previous week & they fixed that & he had a few things to do to it Tuesday but it should be ready to go Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon rolled around, there was a problem with the power windows so a replacement motor had to be ordered. Should be ready Wednesday. The problem I have with all of this is that at the beginning when he had to give the insurance company an estimate of the damages he was supposed to check EVERYTHING. Clearly, he did not. So, late yesterday afternoon he called & said it was ready. By the time Dean would've gotten there it would've been dark & he needs to check out the paint job so it's being picked up today. Hopefully. I have zero confidence that everything will be the way it's suppose to be. 



  1. Congrats to all of you! WOW, that little man is quite the runner!

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