Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Storms

I'm still sick. Needless to say that led to a pretty dull weekend. I made it to the LSU game Saturday, which they lost. So that was fun. We had dinner at Caliente so that was good.

Today we had severe weather warnings. About 9:00 we all started getting alerts on our phones to "seek shelter".

This picture was taken from LSU's Athletic Building around 9:30 am.

It looked like it was the middle of the night for awhile. It was so dark!

Sitting on the floor in the hall is where we ended up. The electricity went out too. At 11:15 we got to go home. Yay for an unexpected afternoon off. There were trees down & red lights out all over.

This is a picture of LSU's baseball field. Both foul poles were blown down.

Yesterday, I worked on cleaning up my closet. I didn't finish so I used my unexpected afternoon off to finish.
I think I may have a problem. These piles are workout clothes. This is not all of them either. I've just put myself on a spending freeze when it comes to workout clothes. I also do not need any shorts for the summer.
I'm off to spend the rest of the day resting on the sofa.


  1. Goodness, hope you get well soon!!! So glad you are ok with all those storms!

  2. That weather that blew through was CRAZY! I'm glad everyone was ok and you got an afternoon off work...yay! I was getting ready for work when the storm hit here and the electricity went out at my house. Did you see the rail cars that fell of the tracks in NOLA? So crazy!

  3. It was crazy! The electricity was off Tuesday so we had another day off! I did see that video. So scary.