Friday, December 13, 2013

It's Almost the Weekend!!!

It's a really good thing the office closes at 2:00 on Friday. I've managed to get the majority (or so I thought) of my shopping done online. I thought I was making great progress. Last night I wrapped some stuff & went over my list. Well, there are very few people that I'm completely finished with. Lovely. A few things haven't been delivered yet. There are several people that I have no clue what to buy. Dean is usually good at coming up with things but not this year. Not really sure what I'm going to do. I guess the first thing is roam aimlessly around  a few stores & hope something jumps out at me.

This week has been a week of absolutely zero workouts & a lot of eating. I feel like I deserve it & I haven't gone completely crazy. I plan to get started with my running & workouts next week.

Monday night I had a work dinner at Bonefish Grill. Our Firm was a sponsor at a 5K for a local high school in November & we had the most participants from any of the other sponsors so we won an excursion at Bone Fish. It was soooo good! I've only been there once before. We tried to go another time but there was a long wait at 5:30 when we could see a zillion empty tables. Annoying. Anyway, we had a reservation & the excursion was a food & drink pairing. We had bang bang shrimp, pumpkin ravioli - which OMG was soooooo good, another dip, an antipasta type platter but with shrimp. It was paired with white wine, we had a salad & a winter white cosmo - also delish!! For the main course there was red fish which was amazing & spicy. I loved it! There was also mahi mahi. They were served with mashed potatoes & spaghetti squash  & paired with red wine. Then came dessert! Plain Cream Brulee & Chocolate Cream Brulee. The Managing Partner did the excursion & he told us to try the plain first because after we had the chocolate we wouldn't go back. He was so wrong & I'm a chocolate lover! The absolute best thing about the dessert was that it was paired with this
I don't remember what the actual name was but Frazier the Bartender came up with the recipe & they're running specials on it throughout the holiday season. It's made with Rum Chata, white creme de cacao, white chocolate Ghirardelli liquor & cinnamon & garnished with a candy cane. I have to go to Sam's today & Rum Chata will be purchased!!

Anytime anyone has a birthday in the office they get their choice of cake. Birthday's are very exciting here! Everyone looks forward to cake. This week it was raspberry cheesecake. Y'all, I think it was the best cheesecake I've ever eaten ever ever ever!!!

This also happened this week.
Don't get too excited, I only signed up for the Half. You've seen the shirt - "I'm Only Half Crazy". Scott & Lydia are running this race & they did it last year & talked about how fun it was & there's a really big party at the end. My friend Allison is signed up for the 5K. It should be fun. Let's hope for better weather than last week. Or at least dry weather. The medals for this race are super cute too!

We have a busy weekend. Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with Logan. We're going to make a gingerbread house & bake & have hot cocoa & whatever else little man wants to do. Sunday I have a brunch date with Allison,  a going away party Sat. night & we were invited to Caliente's "office" Christmas Party. That doesn't start until 9:00. I'm hoping we can go for a little while. I guess it depends on whether we get a nap Sunday! You know you're an appreciated regular when they invite you to their party!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Yay for the weekend! Boo to not being finished shopping. I was having a hard time coming up with Brandon's gift so I'm glad he had the suggestion of just getting an iPad as our gift to each other. :) Win, win! I think we got the iPad Air, and it will be delivered via Amazon Prime tomorrow!! Have a good time tomorrow with Logan!

  2. As have the best meals out! I always get hungry reading your posts!

    Don't despair...the shopping will get done...I say this partly to myself! :)


  3. Oh guess what!! I did my first 5K the other day. Yes, yes I did! Ok, I can't lie. I walked in a 5K, lol. It was for the local animal shelter, and my walking buddy and I walked, and of coarse Sophie was with us and I pushed her in her little stroller and she was the talk of the race, lol. It was fun and it was for a great cause, and I can say I participated in a 5K now! I will never be on your level :(