Thursday, February 4, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

This popped up in my Time Hop yesterday.

That would be the beginning of my "fitness journey". LOL! Seriously, that was the first time I'd done a real workout in years. Hard to believe that was 5 years ago. I don't go to Yoglates anymore but I'm still working out. I don't know that I've ever stuck to anything that long!

Saturday morning we went to Logan's basketball game. I swear it's sooo funny! Once the game was over Logan wasn't ready to leave.

He played with his dad for awhile.

Then this stuff starts happening. Scott wonders why Logan is wild & plays rough!

You can't really tell but he was a little sweaty mess!

After the game we had some errands to run & being that my goal for the weekend was to have some king cake cheesecake we had lunch at Cheesecake Bistro.

I swear I think it gets better every year. It's just so so so good! We went home after that & I think I set a record for laying on the sofa. I was there for over 5 hours without getting up. I guess I should be embarrassed but there was nothing going on. I napped, watched the LSU basketball game & read.

We were full from lunch so we didn't even make it to Caliente. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal. 

Sunday morning we got up early & went to 7:00 Mass. That's when things got interesting. There were several police hanging out which was weird. When we got back from Church there were about 7 cars in front of a house. After some phone calls we figured out there was a home invasion & the people were home. One guy was caught, the other one was roaming about our subd. It was crazy for awhile. There was even a helicopter circling over the subd. looking for the guy. Here's a link to the article that was in The Advocate Monday. So basically nobody is safe anywhere. Great. It was in the paper today that they did catch the second guy last night so that's good. 

While all of this was going on I went for a run. I mean how much safer could I be with all the police that were roaming around everywhere? I'm running a 15K on Feb. 13th & a Half in March.

It was kinda hot Sunday but I got my 7 miles in.

Dean washed both of our trucks Sunday.

It looks so pretty when it's clean. While he washed I worked in the yard.  Might as well take advantage of the weather. 

Since the weather was nice Dean grilled & I had a glass of wine.

Isn't the glass cute? My friend Cindy did it with her Cricut machine.

Monday morning was leg day and Tuesday was arm day.

Wednesday I ran.

Today was leg day again. It's supposed to also be king cake bread pudding day! One of my favorite restaurants operates the cafeteria at the plant where Dean works & he's bringing me some home today!!



  1. 5 years!!!! I'm so inspired by you! :) Have a good weekend!

  2. Way to go on five years! It's always fun to see reminders of old social media posts! :) HOW CRAZY about the home invasion! I'm so glad they caught both of them!

    1. I've never stuck with anything this long so I'm very proud! Yes, the home invasion was crazy! The 2nd guy they caught is the one that beat the girl up with the gun & when they tried to arrest him he resisted & there was a fight. I don't understand people. They caught you, shut & let them arrest you!

  3. You go girl! I am and have never been a runner. I wish I was. I always got shin splints so couldn't enjoy it. That cake looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    1. I have had a problem with shin splints lately but posterior shin splints. Didn't even know there was such a thing!

  4. Cops and helicopters around your neighborhood can be a bit unsettling. We got more of that when we lived in Yuma, because we were about a mile from the Border Patrol Headquarters! I just heard from a friend who lives on the west side of Phoenix (way more criminal action over there), who had cops, dogs and helicopters swarming her neighborhood a few days ago. She went out to walk her dog and the cops ordered her back inside. Then she went out to her backyard (when a dog needs to go....) & someone in the helicopter ordered her back inside. There must have been some serious crap going down, but I never did hear.

    Congratulations on 5 years, Traci! I'm so very proud of you! You are such an inspiration. I'm glad you included that exercise pic of arm exercises. I'm not ready to go back to the gym (will probably wait until I finish radiation), but I'm walking and would like to add some arm exercises.

    Warm hugs,