Monday, December 5, 2011

That's the day we'll throw up.....

I promise you that sentence was uttered at my house Saturday night! The SEC Championship game was Saturday afternoon & we had friends over to watch. After a shaky start LSU came back & beat Georgia. We're now 13-0 & going to the National Championship game to play Alabama. Annoying. I don't like Alabama. I don't like Nick Saban. Nobody asked my opinion though.

After the game we transitioned from a football party to a "Cruise Excursion Planning" party. That's where it got interesting. We were discussing which days would be where & we decided to do "Salsa & Salsa" in Cozumel. On this excursion they teach you to make 7 different salsa's & they teach you how to salsa dance. It's also open bar. While we discussed this our friend Matt announced "that's the day we'll throw up". It sounded like that was a goal of his. I personally believe the goal should be NOT to throw up but hey, whatever floats your boat. We're also going to zip line. I can't wait for that!

Yesterday, I met the girls for my friend Vicki's birthday lunch. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI!!!! We had lunch at Coyote Blues which is a mexican joint. I'd never been there before & it was DELISH! They have this really yummy green sauce that they bring out with the chips & salsa. After lunch Allison & I went to this great store we have in town, The Royal Standard. I haven't been in awhile. They sell all sorts of gift items.  I did not succeed in getting out of there without buying Christmas ornaments. I only bought 2. They were big jumbo ornaments & I love them. I don't plan on buying any other Christmas decorations! Really.



  1. ugh. Bama again. :( I am already furious just reading facebook. It's like they forgot they've already been beaten once and they've already claimed the title without winning the game! I know Les Miles is crazy but he was so laid back and down to earth compared to Saban on tv. Saban is so pompous!!!

  2. Oh a wonderful!! I think I have told you that I have been on several. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them. I will try and remember to e-mail you at some point and tell you about the one excursion we took to the private island on the party boat with unlimited free drinks. I would never ever post it here for the whole world to read, lol.

  3. Coyote Blues is amazing! The taco salad is yummy, but huge.
    & about that game.. blahhh.
    Had to hear my hubby complain about LSU playing Alabama all night.

  4. Girl I was confused/worried at the start of that game! Glad y'all won - I don't like Georgia! :)

  5. I'm with you on Alabama! I'll be rootin' for y'all!