Sunday, December 18, 2011

1 Week

Can you believe it's one week until Christmas? This year has flown by for me but November & December have passed at an amazing pace. It's wild. Friday, Dean & I were off so we ran a couple of errands & then went out to lunch & to the movies. We saw New Years Eve. I hadn't heard good reviews but for me that usually means I'll like it & I did! It was very cute. Friday night we went to a Christmas party at our neighbors. I swear there's not much better than walking next door for a party. Especially, at this time of year when traffic is horrendous.

Saturday night was another party. This time it was with Dean's extended family in Bayou Pigeon. For those that don't know, Bayou Pigeon is a place & it's where Dean grew up. We ate! There's always plenty of good food & Dean's cousin made one my favorite dessert - ooey gooey bars! Santa even made an appearance!
Dean's cousin Cody loved Santa.
His sister Emma was not a fan. You could hear her squeals of distress from the back of the house! She came out & claimed her gift once Santa was out of sight!
Dean's other cousin Sam liked him too.
Although, she loved her M&M's more! I didn't get many good pics. I'm not thrilled with my camera. It seems like if the lighting isn't perfect the pictures are crap. Oh well.

Today was a true day of rest. We got up early & went to Mass & did our grocery shopping for the week & other than that I did nothing. I'm still not completely over whatever this is that ails me so I medicated myself & laid on the sofa reading & watching TV. It's back to work tomorrow & I actually have to work all 5 days this week. Definitely not excited about that.



  1. Seriously, the traffic is ridiculous here so I can't even imagine what it would be like in Baton Rouge!!!

  2. I truly can't believe there is only one week left! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Hey, Traci! I can relate to your movie comment. I'm the same way! Negative reviews doesn't always mean I won't like it. Good to hear you enjoyed it. That look liked one I'd like.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

  4. I can't believe Christmas is in less than a week. It is all coming so fast! This year has flown by!

    I hope you feel better soon. I also hope the week flies by for you since you have to work all 5 days!