Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm Done!

I'm completely finished with our Christmas shopping!! Dean & I took off work today to finish up. We left a little before 8:00 & were home for noon. We were at Target early so I had one of these cups of greatness!!
Chai Tea Latte please! Before we went home we had lunch in the food court at the mall. I had Chick Fil A & even a Dr Pepper. I haven't had one in weeks. It was all delicious!!! I miss eating unhealthy crap!
Typically, when we Christmas shop we end up buying for ourselves too. There are so many good sales it's hard not to! For instance, I got this sweater at The Limited.
It was $70 but sweaters & accessories were 40% off! I plan to wear it with boots & leggings. I also got this ring.
It's stretchy & I love it!! Plus, that put me at $56 & I had a coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase. What a deal!! I really love this ring!!
I also downloaded this today.
Do y'all like Buble?? It's so great!! Love, love, love!! I think my fave is his version of Ave Maria. We also ended up with a football which is kind of random but believe it or not there have been times when we've needed one! I also did a Walmart run. I very rarely go there for obvious reasons. I managed to get in & out without my Christmas spirit being ruined. I don't feel quite as guilty for my junk eating today because I did make it to Yoglates.

In other exciting news, we are now a whole house DVR household! Woo hoo! I just thought the regular DVR was awesome in a box. This is going to be amazing! It's the little things right??



  1. Yay- you are done! :) And had a good day off, too! That is always nice!

  2. Just when I thought I was done with shopping....they pull me back in! ugh, but time to start wrapping!

  3. How nice that you are done shopping. I am not even sure if I am done or not cause I can't think about anything but straightening up our house. Cute sweater and ring! I am glad I am not the only one who buys for myself when I go Christmas shopping, lol...Christine

  4. What does that mean... a whole house DVR household? EVERY TV has a DVR??? Just wondering. Lucky you to be done. I am stuck on WHAT to get:( OY!!!! XO, Pinky