Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm finally posting pics of my Christmas decor. Better late than never right? I'm warning you now, my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. This is my big tree in the living room.
There's no ribbon or mesh & that's because I completely forgot until I was midway through decorating it. I still like it. Here it is at night.

I know I'm partial but I really love my tree! Especially, at night all lit up. This is the 8th Christmas for this tree. It's 9 ft. & prelit. I know a lot of people complain about problems with their prelit. I LOVE mine. If a light goes out, they don't all go out & you just pop in a replacement. I did something this year that I never do.

I'm not using all of the same paper. I had several different rolls of paper & none were enough to do everything so I decided to suck it up & use all of it & then next year I can go back to matching. I've used up almost all of what I had. I've banned myself from buying any Christmas decor this year. At least before Christmas. I've succeeded for the most part. Here are two exceptions.
I LOVE big ornaments! I got the snowflake & the ornament below at Royal Standard.
Next up is the tree in my breakfast area. This tree is decorated with ornaments that we buy on vacation & I fill in with red, green & silver.

It's hard to get a good pic because it's in the corner. I put the nativity scene on the server in the breakfast area.
I think I'm going to put it on my mantle next year. I'd planned to do that this year & didn't remember until after I'd finished the mantle. I think I need to make notes when I think about this stuff! Part 2 coming up tomorrow.

I'm linking to Thrifty Decor Chick's Holiday Home party!



  1. your big tree looks amazing! isn't it nice to have a blog to keep track of your great ideas?!

  2. So very pretty!!! I wish you could come decorate my tree! I stink at it. Yours are much prettier! :)

  3. Everything looks wonderful! You did a wonderful job & should share more home decor with us :)

  4. It's all beautiful Traci. Love the big tree, and it doesn't need any mesh or ribbon, it looks perfect the way it is. It is especially pretty all lit up, too. Your little tree is very pretty, too! Glad you finally got around to showing, and hope your feeling better :)

  5. I think you should have a bow-making workshop before next year for all us peeps who want to make bows!!

  6. Beautiful Christmas trees! They are both magnificent! Every year I say I'm going to organize all the Christmas stuff, inventory, and make notes, but by the time I'm ready, I just want to get it down and out of the way. At least you have pictures on the blog, I've gone back and looked at mine a few times while decorating lol!! Thanks for your visit with me!!

  7. Everything looks great, Traci! Love your big tree and it really doesn't need any mesh or ribbon.

    Hope you're feeling better! Sinus infections can be awful.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Look at all those fancy shmancy bows!!


  9. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL and so is that nativity!! I am envious.
    I used to use all of the same paper too, lol!
    One section of my prelit is out and i am not sure how to find where to fix it. Gonna have to dig in there and see.

  10. I LOVE your tree(s)! They both look beautiful - great job!

  11. That tree is stunning at night. I have so much left over paper, too and really don't have much to wrap.

  12. Your Christmas trees are beautiful! The large tree is amazing all lit up! It's so great you are ready for Christmas!

  13. Your tree looks so pretty Traci. You can work that magic with the mesh. I am still learning!

  14. That 9 foot tree is AWESOME!! We used to have a big one like that growing up!! We have a 6 foot one now! And I agree, I love pre-lit!!