Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend. I hope everyone else did too. I was one of the few people that actually had to work Friday. To reward myself for that I stopped & got my nails done on the way home. HAHA!! That place was packed. We didn't do anything Friday night but stay home & listen to the LSU game. What a waste of 3 hours. They lost AGAIN. 

Saturday morning Allison, Wendy, Emily & I went & walked the lakes again.
Isn't Emily adorable? I just love her pink jellies!! She just chilled during the walk & snacked on puffs & yogurt bites. Once our walk was over I headed to Walmart. I RARELY shop at Super Walmart but I had a big list & it was easier. Surprisingly, it wasn't as packed as I expected. The one thing that was on the top of my list & the most important purchase was sold out. CADBURY EGGS!! I gave up sweets for Lent. I didn't buy any before because I didn't want to tempt myself. Besides, I usually stock up after Easter when it's all marked down. They had the caramel eggs & nothing against caramel, I happen to really like it, it's not the same as regular Cadbury eggs. I did end Lent with a cheeseburger & chocolate shake from Sonic. It was SOOOOO GOOD!!! 

I then spent several  hours in the pool. I floated & read & floated & napped. It was delightful. For some absurd reason I decided to get out of the pool & go inside to watch the LSU Baseball game. They lost AGAIN. 3 more hours that I'll never get back. Then Dean & I got in the pool & the neighbors came over.

Dean & I went to Mass Easter Sunday & then came home to start getting everything ready. My parents, Dean's parents, Dean's mawmaw, my brother Scott, his wife, Lydia & Logan were coming over. We spent the day in the backyard.
I took this picture before everyone got there. When Logan got there all the noodles went into the pool. He had so much fun!
We brought him to my neighbors for an Easter egg hunt & he wouldn't take his floaties off. I guess he knew, no floaties, no pool.
My parents got him this little chair. He doesn't sit often but I think he liked that it was his size. He's very excited in this picture because he found a leaf floating by. It was so little I'm not sure how he even saw it.
Dean & Logan chilling. All the swimming made Logan thirsty. Apparently, the flies were bothering Dean. I didn't notice the fly swatter until I saw this picture. They were listening/watching the LSU game. I learned from the previous 2 days that it wasn't worth getting out the pool to watch. They lost AGAIN.

This morning on my way to work I stopped at CVS to get my Cadbury Eggs. I only wanted 1 pack. I'm  not going overboard. As of last Wed. I've lost 12 lbs. I don't want to undo that. Well, no need to worry, there wasn't the first Cadbury Egg in the store. I was about to cry.



  1. Can you please motivate me to do something about this baby weight besides complain?! 12 pounds?!?! That's fantastic! :)

  2. You GO GIRL!!! That is AWESOME! 12 is a huge achievement! So you are lookin HOT with yo Hoochie nails and 12 lbs skinnier! Super proud of you! Wish I could get my boo-Tay to the gym!


  3. I wish Emily had smiled more, but thanks for taking the pic! I love Logan's swim trunks.

  4. I want a grown up version of those jellies! SO cute!

  5. I thought Logan was drinking a Bushwacker, LOL!!!

    Jellies....I am feeling O L D now! ha

  6. It was probably a "Higher Power" that removed all the Cadbury Eggs from beyond your grasp. So impressed that you've lost 12 lbs! Yay for you! It looks like you had a totally amazing Easter.

  7. Your backyard is so beautiful!! What a fun way to spend Easter. Congrats for losing 12 pounds! You will have to make the switch to diet Dr. Pepper so you can still enjoy it's sweet goodness!

  8. Those Jellies are so cute - I thought about getting Emma some, but was worried if they would rub blisters.

    I wish we had a pool...I grew up with one & it's so nice!!! Yesterday would have been an awesome day to be in it, too! You have a beautiful back yard!!!

    Congrats on the 12lbs - I've lost 12lbs and 16.5 total inches recently - we're on track together. We'll have to keep checking on one another make sure we avoid the Cadbury Eggs (YUM)and stay on track!

  9. That is awesome......Congrats, Looks like you had a great Easter.

  10. I love your is gorgeous!!

    Yay on the 12 pounds...all that Yogalates!!

  11. What a beautiful yard you have...swimming on here in Southern California, it was too cold for that!

    Congrats on the 12 lbs...way to go! I've been walking everyday and trying to take off a few's so hard sometimes!

  12. Congrats on the 12 pounds!!! I think I have actually gained weight! your photos! Now I really want to go swimming. I think I'll actually take Punkin in the pool right now! It's hot enough here! :-)


  13. Sorry about the Cadbury eggs. I love cadbury chocolates! The pool looks so refreshing! Thanks for the bday greetings but it's not doing great so far, Washer is not draining and ice maker is not working and I spilled John's glass full of coke in the kitchen. But nothing bothers me so I am still happy....Christine