Wednesday, April 6, 2011


That would be me & this is what caused it....
Well, this & an overabundance of carbs. Yeh, I know I'm not making sense. Let me explain. One of my New Years Resolutions was to cut back on my Dr Pepper intake. I was going to limit myself to one a day. That's going really well & I'm down to about one a week. I can honestly say this is the longest I've ever done with a resolution. I also started trying to eat better. At the beginning of February I started Yogalates. I've lost 9 lbs. & some inches. I don't know how many inches because I kept forgetting to measure. I finally did but it was only 3 wks. ago. I know I've lost inches because I can tell in the way my clothes fit. I've been able to wear a pair of shorts & pants that were too small before I started all this. Sunday, when we went walking I wore a pair of Nike type shorts that used to be too tight. I was folding clothes the other night & I discovered those shorts are a size small. I was very excited. I've been going to Yogalates 3 times a week with the exception of last week. That was because I had to get my hair done. I will NOT be going less than 3 times a week anymore because I can so tell a difference when I go back. Weird but true. Needless to say I haven't been eating a lot of carbs & when I do it's whole wheat. That brings us to today.

Apparently, food trucks are a big deal in other areas of the country. I knew they were popular in New York but that was the extent I knew about. Lately, I've been hearing lots of talk around town about them. In Baton Rouge there are several different ones. Everyday they tweet where they'll be. One of my friends at work  loves the concept & would love to own his own truck. For him, the next best thing is to eat out of these trucks as much as possible. So, he has arranged for the taco truck to come to work for "Taco Tuesday", the burger truck on Wed. & a wrap & pannini truck for Thurs. I never, ever, ever thought I would eat a meal out of a truck. I mean really. Well, these truck advertise themselves as "Gourmet Food Trucks". They use all fresh, local ingredients & are made to order. I decided that a homemade burger with homemade pickles & fresh cut fries would be a great lunch. I had a cheeseburger & garlic parmesan fries. It was good. The fries were great. It was soooo convenient. BUT, I feel like if I closed my eyes in the middle of typing this, sitting straight up in my chair, I'd immediately fall asleep & not wake up for hours. Seriously. I feel sluggish & blah & sleepy. I've always read about how carbs make you feel like this but I guess I never realized I felt like this until I stopped eating all this stuff regularly & wasn't feeling like it anymore. Did that make sense??

So, the moral of the story? The food truck was good but it was too much food for me, too many carbs for me & I need to remember this feeling so that if I'm tempted again I'll be able to refrain. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through an hour of Yogalates feeling like this. Speaking of Yogalates. Monday it was time to pay again. I paid for 3 months. It's one of those things that the longer you pay for the cheaper it is. I've been paying month to month so this is a huge step for me! Want to hear about an even bigger step? Dean mentioned that we could go out to dinner tomorrow night if I wanted but I've decided to forgo dinner out for Yogalates. I don't care for the Friday teacher & I like having my weekend free from hard core exercise so in order to get my 3 classes in this week I have to go today & tomorrow. I know some of you may be worried about me because I do love to eat out but it's ok, we'll go out Saturday night!



  1. This is awesome! Good job on everything. I wish the line hadn't been so long. Hopefully next week I can try it.

  2. That's awesome that you like yogalates so much and have stuck w/ it. I need to find and excercise program I can stick with. And give up some carbs and lots of DP too! :)

  3. Girlfriend, I am WAAAAAAAAY proud of you! Giving up Dr PEPPER! REALLY?! I cant seem to accomplish THAT! But the healthy eating and Yogalaties...YOU GO GIRL! I NEED to eat healthier and see if I have more ENERGY! Uuuuummm, how does WINE fit in on the HEALTHY BAROmeter?? Eeekk!

    Love you!

    Make one of my "Cakes" ;)

  4. OK, since I am not doing well with the gym this week(I usually go twice a day, 5 days a week, and once the other 2 days) ya may as well send that food truck to Mississippi. I get what your saying, but oh I would love for our very, very, rural area to have something like that. Great job with the weight loss.

  5. You go girlfriend! Proud of your resolve.

  6. You go girl...maybe I need to try Yogalates!

    I would love to own a taco would be so awesome!!!!

  7. I am so impressed with your dedication! I just started walking a couple miles 3 times a week. I figured it is a start. Congrats on losing the weight and fitting into smaller clothes!

  8. I think I would like to have that truck here. SOudns very convenient....Christine

  9. seem so dedicated!! That is absolutely awesome!! Congrats on losing 9 pounds so far. Keep it up, girl!!