Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Short Weekend!

Friday night we spent our evening at LSU watching the baseball team win. It was close but hey, a win is a win. Saturday morning we had a guy coming to strip & re stain our front doors. This was a job that I was planning to do myself but I haven't gotten around to it & the guy did several of our neighbors. He did a good job &  gave us a good price so I hired him.  Well, they guy was supposed to show up between 9-9:30. Guess what? He was a no show. Not only a no show, a no call. When I called him he didn't answer. I left a message & he never called back. Sooooo aggravating.

I went to my parents. Me & mama went to Lancaster House. This is a place that is only open one weekend a month & it's about 5 mins. from my parents house.  I got a thingy to put outside but I forgot to take a picture of it. After that I went across the street to my brother & sis-in-laws to visit & play with Logan. He was showing off for me.
This little 4 wheeler has the gas on the handles so while he was in this pose he was riding around the yard.
This was one of the few times he was still.
He loves the big 4 Wheeler too. It goes faster.
I love that sweet little face!
Excuse the finger in this picture. I was trying to take the "no hands" picture. I see plenty of ER visits in their future with this kid. He's such a dare devil!
This 4-Wheeler has a gas pedal. Yes he was moving in this pic too.
Then he moved on to the slide. I swear it makes me tired watching him.
With his daddy.
I think the expression on his face in this one is hilarious! I can't believe he'll be 2 in May. I don't know where the time has gone.

When I got home Saturday Dean & I went & had pizza. There's a fairly new place called Red Zeppelins. I had a Groupon or Living Social gift certificate. It was really good! After pizza we went to the LSU game. What a debacle that was. 16-3 & LSU wasn't the one that scored 16 runs. Not good.

I decided to forgo the Sunday baseball game to go walking. Allison, Wendy & I are all dieting/watching what we eat & exercising. We "walked the lakes". The lakes are at LSU. We walked down Sorority Row & through the neighborhood surrounding the lakes & LSU. It's a really pretty walk. Most of the houses are gorgeous &  fairly huge. It's almost 3.5 miles around. As Allison says, "the great thing about walking the lakes is you have to walk all the way around". After our walk we had lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We all did so good just having low cal salads & we drank a ton of water. We ate on the patio. We had a lot of fun. Yep, fun while exercising. Imagine that! Basically, I spent the entire weekend outside. Kinda amazing for me.

Happy Monday!



  1. Lydia - Logan's MommaApril 4, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    Yea, I expect a broken something in his future.

  2. It's amazing how much energy little toddler dudes have!

  3. The pictures are great - he is definitely all boy!!! I think my little man is going to be that way - he goes head first into everything - no fear!! LOL

  4. What a little dude!!!

    We love spending our weekends outside too!

    Sorry about your door man...what a mess.

  5. Logan is so cute and getting so big. Did the storm pass by there? It just went through here and it was pretty scary. Have you ever seen our picnic table umbrella, the orange one that is in the center of the sqaure wood table? That umbreall is very heavy and it is heavily secured because the heavy table is holding it. The winds blew the green umbrella straight into the pool and while I was fishing that out, I saw this orange umbrella fly up from the table into the roof and landed on the other side of the house, in the front yard. Thank God it did not cause any damage. The birdhouse that was hanging from it is still on the roof. Whew!...Christine

  6. Don't think he could be any cuter! Love that last photo as well!


  7. I hate it when they don't show and don't call. Now you have to find someone new or do it yourself. Ugg!

    Your nephew is a real cutie pie. :)