Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday, Dean & I got to spend the day with Logan. We picked him up bright & early Sunday morning. We stopped at LSU on the way to our house. We wanted to see if that lazy tiger might be awake. We were in luck! I was so excited to see him pacing along the fence.
The first thing Logan said was "Water!" He loves water & saw the waterfall in Mike's habitat before he saw Mike.
Once he spotted him he was in a trance!
I was very excited when he headed in for a swim. I've wanted to see him swim forever.
The sun was so bright it was causing a glare & it was really hard to see what I was taking pictures of. That would be why fence is in the way.
He came right up to the wall where all the kids were.
Logan stood there & watched & then immediately turned around with his arms up for Dean to pick him up. He didn't cry but I think Mike's size & the fact that he was nose to nose with him at one point freaked him out a bit.
He didn't swim long. I guess he just wanted to cool off.
Logan with his Nonk (Dean). Who, by the way, he refers to as Tante (me) yet when you say "Where's Nonk?" he points at Dean. Too funny!
I think if Dean would've let go he would've climbed the fence. After that Mike went to nap in the shade & we went home. We played outside for awhile & Logan had a snack. Apparently, the snack wasn't enough because he went back to the pantry & started pulling things out. We fed him lunch & played some more. Later, Logan & I went & met my friends Vicki & Allison to walk the lakes again. I knew Logan would enjoy it because he loves to be outside & we always see ducks. As usual he was very excited to see the water & a boat. We walked awhile & saw these little guys.
We finished the 3.5 mi. walk, which by the way is hard when  pushing a 30+ lb. kid in a stroller! We loaded up to go home & I wanted to take a picture. Well, when Logan saw me pull the camera out & I turned to him he said "NO" & covered his face with his hands. WHAT?? Isn't he too young for that? I managed to get this one which I thought was really funny!
We were both hot. The temp was 86 or 87 Sunday with a heat index of 91. You should've seen me. I was a hot mess if I ever saw one. YUCK! We drank plenty of water as we walked though. We were almost home & I looked back & saw this.
About 30 seconds later this happened.
He must have really been exhausted because I was able to take him out of the car seat & lay him down in the house without disturbing him. We had such a good time with him. I can't wait to do it again.



  1. I had fun Sunday! I was so excited I finally got to meet Logan. He is just too cute! Love the pictures of him in the car.

  2. Too funny!

  3. Awww, Logan is such a cutie, Traci. We do not have a Sam's here. we don't have anything here except for antique stores. Why do you think we go to BR and Jackson to shop, lol? Thanks fo the info about the umbrellas. We actually have 2 more in the backyard. Luckily, the wind just flew one into the pool and it wasn't damaged. The other one I caught and laid it down before the wind got to it....Christine