Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Prom Night is over!

Dean is a better person than I am. He's quick to forgive & forget. Unlike me, who will eventually forgive but NEVER EVER forget. I know, it's a really bad quality & I'm working on it. Anyway, I mentioned how the guy was supposed to come re stain our front door last weekend & he didn't call or show up. Dean suggested we call him back. I wasn't really on board with that. I was convinced I could just do the door myself & save the money. Dean's fear was that I could not do it myself & he'd have to do it. So, I called the guy. He immediately said that he was sorry & was hoping I'd call because he lost his phone last week after I talked to him. Well, that's all fine & good but he knew where we lived & had already said he'd be here Sat. but whatever. I didn't say anything. He told me he'd come & clean the door Friday afternoon & be back today to sand & stain it. He showed up!!! YAY!!! Here's a before pic. This was after he cleaned it.
And the after.  
Much better huh? The after picture doesn't have the address numbers on the door yet. I'm going to sand & paint them oil rubbed bronze to match the handle before putting them back on the door.

Last night we went to eat at one of our favorites, Sammy's. The plan was to go early. Dean had been working outside all day & was hungry & we wanted to get back for the LSU baseball game. They're playing in Arkansas this weekend. Sammy's is one of those places that if you don't get there early you either wait for awhile or you go somewhere else. We got there at 4:55. Yeh, I know, we're 80 yr olds. The place was PACKED!  Apparently, everyone in town but us wanted boiled crawfish. They did smell really good. We were able to get a table without waiting but barely. By 5:15 there was a wait. I had fried fish & shrimp. Not on my diet but it's what I wanted. It was delish & I had leftovers that Dean ate for lunch today. 

Dean & I spent this morning shopping. We bought plants, rocks & a pot! I think I'm addicted to the Nursery. I LOVE looking at plants. Of course, much to Dean's chagrin, what I love more is BUYING plants.  Anyway, we have a landscape project going on which was why we needed plants & rocks. I'll have a post on the project later. After spending a good bit of the 87 degree afternoon working outside I'd had enough. The pool was 82 degrees. That's still a little cool for me but I was so hot it didn't matter. I jumped in & the water was fabulous!! 

We went to Mass this afternoon & afterwards went to dinner at Portobello's. This used to be one of our favorite places & then they moved. They used to be like 10 mins. from our house. It's not real far away now but you do have to navigate one of the busiest roads in Baton Rouge. Like I said before, we're 80 yr olds & stay in a little radius of our house! If they built a Sam's & Lowe's closer I swear to you I would never leave my area. Anyway, tonight is Prom Night for the big, all girls Catholic School in town. Probably other schools too. Portobello's was the site of dinner for a group of prom goers. Our table was by some windows so from the time they got out of their car to the time they walked in the restaurant I could see them. I love checking out their shoes & dresses. There appeared to be some high school drama, some late arrivals & at least one couple that was lost. Dean & I can't figure that one out. It's not like the restaurant is in some far off, out of the way locale. Sadly, we finished our meal & it was time to go before the lost people got there. Prom night was over for me. Now we're home watching the LSU game on TV. They lost last night & so far, LSU isn't impressive. Seems to be a recurring theme this season.



  1. Stunning front door. That just annoys me when workers are a no's like hello..there are people who need work. Looks great Traci!

  2. Wow, that door came out perfect. Yeah, he's nicer than me. I wouldn't have gotten the guy to come back. And you know how tolerant/patient/walkovery I am. I'd have to draw the line this time.

    I sure am craving some crawfish, but it's pointless since I still can't taste anything with these sinuses.

  3. Your door looks fantastic, Traci. I can't wait to see your garden project...Christine