Friday, April 1, 2011

Spa Day....sort of

Yesterday, I had an appointment to get my hair cut & highlighted & I decided to leave work a little earlier & get my nails done too. I say it was sort of a spa day because I go to a nail salon by my house & the hair salon I go to is a good 30-40 mins. away. I really wish she'd move to a salon closer but I know that's not going to happen. This is OPI Heart Throb. It's a really pretty pink.
I even went to Sonic & got a Dr. Pepper during Happy Hour. I've been doing soooo good limiting my Dr. Pepper intake. I've only been drinking one a week. When I say one, I mean a 12 oz. can. That's it. Yesterday, I went ahead & got a 32 oz. There's not a lot better than a DP from Sonic with their crushed ice goodness!

Moving on. So who still watches Grey's Anatomy?? Just when I thought it was back to being really good again last night happened. Dean liked it. I don't even know what to say about that. He thinks part of my problem with it is that I didn't know what to expect. I've been seeing advertisements for weeks,  "a musical event". Yeh, ok, whatever. I thought that meant it would be like the first couple of seasons when they played a lot of music (that's what introduced me to The Fray). Yeh, not so much. APPARENTLY, I wasn't hearing the commercials correctly. Instead of "a musical event" that I was hearing, they were saying "A MUSICAL event". I don't know if that translates correctly but anyway. On my way home from work I heard Ryan Seacrest say something about Grey's being a Musical & I was like "no, it's not a musical" because it never occurred to me they could/would do that. Sadly, they did. Dean knew about this because he'd read it somewhere. Not only was there singing, THERE WAS DANCING!!! Really? In the ER when one of their own is on the verge of death who just happens to be pregnant with one of the other Dr's babies & her lesbian "partner" is also a co-worker? WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!!!!! I just thought the ghost business a few years ago was weird. I sure hope things get back on track next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



  1. I love that color!!! I think I know what I'm doing today!! TOES. Happy Friday!

  2. I got my hair cut over lunch today - nice, long lunch - feels so much better now!!

    And as far as GA - I've watched since season 1, but about six weeks ago I finally gave up on it. I was losing interest and hopes that it would get better & the worst for me was the music. Every episode the background music was so loud I had to rewind a few times to try to figure out what they were saying. It was ridiculous! So - I'm about 4+ episodes behind - but I haven't heard from anyone that I've really missed anything & apparently last night was no different.

  3. Okay, maybe The Man & I are alone on this, but we liked it. I'm a fan of GA, but The Man isn't super-fond. It's one of several shows that we compromise on. Ya' know, I watch a few just because he enjoys them & visa-versa. I had been hearing about it for awhile but didn't know what to expect, so I was a bit surprised when it first started. We both totally got into the music & started speculating as to whether they were actually singing, but didn't think it was possible that so many of them could sing that well. We were surprised when we found out the next day on the internet that they had all been doing their own singing. The fact that we enjoyed it and you didn't is exactly what makes the world go around. Heaven forbid we should all like the same things & want to do all the same things. We'd be like migratory birds, I think. LOL!!! Really like that nail polish color, by-the-way. Happy weekend, friend!

  4. I don't watch GA, but I bet they were trying to be like Glee. I don't like Glee. I've given it a couple of shots to like it. There is something about a storyline and characters all of a sudden breaking out into song and dance, doing their thing, then being back into the story again.

    I don't know if I think it's too hard to believe, too weird, the fact that their faces all look like they are trying too hard because they are lip-syncing or what. I hate musicals. GA is slipping in ratings and thought this would help. I've heard from others it was a disaster.

  5. I really liked GA this week! I was surprised at how many of the actors had good voices. I could tell they recorded separately and then lip-synced the scenes. And some of them I could have lived without. But I thought Sara Ramirez (plays Callie Torres) was amazing!

  6. Ok I have to agree with you - (sorry to be a little late to the game) but I thought that was the worst. greys. EVER. My husband and I just kept watching it - like a car accident, we just couldn't look away - and we kept expecting it to get better. I thought it was awful! Keeping my fingers crossed they don't do that again!