Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

Yesterday when I said I was glad for the rain because of my allergies I certainly didn't mean that we needed the hurricane like weather that we got last night. I woke up at 1:30 (at least I thought it was 1:30) to the sound of extremely loud thunder & lightening. I went back to sleep & then woke up at 12:45 so apparently, it was 11 something when I woke up the first time. I can't see a thing without my glasses or contacts so it's easy to understand why I couldn't see the clock clearly. Well, the thunder & lightening was accompanied by storming rain & wind this time. This went on all night. I can't tell you how many times I woke up. Really unusual for me. Thankfully, the sun is out now & all the rain appears to be gone. I expect my yard to really look good when I get home. Everything really perks up after it gets good rain water.

Saturday while I was laying out by the pool Dean was cutting the grass. Our backyard backs up to some partially wooded acreage that is separated by a large ditch thingy. Dean motioned for me to come see something. I was a little leery but he didn't seem panicked so it must be ok. When the Mississippi River is high, the ditch will have water in it as is the case now. This is what I saw.
On the bottom log there were 4 or 5 more turtles but I guess they heard me & got spooked because they dove off the log into the water.

With all the things we've found in the yard & in the pool I'm surprised that this is the first time we've seen turtles. These guys remind me of when I was a kid. Me & my brother had pet turtles. My daddy & brother would find them when they went fishing. My daddy built this huge habitat thing for them & it had sand & a black iron skillet filled with water for a little pool. There was an unfortunate incident with ants eating the turtles eyeballs & that was that.



  1. With this crazy weather that is going on all over the world, you might see anything. These shots made for a perfect Outdoor feature.

  2. It was pretty scary last night, wasn't it? I don't like thunderstorms. We lost power too but thank heavens for the generator that kicked in automatically exactly 5 seconds later. Funny, I have never seen a turtle in the yard but we found a small one inside the house once. I am just glad it wasn't a snake. I am sure red maples will grow there cause we have the same weather. We are only less than an hr. a half drive apart.....Christine

  3. Wow, that is amazing...We have had pretty good weather lately!! Thank goodness!! I hope you have a good day sweetie!

  4. Just be glad it wasn't a snake!!
    I hope you got some rain...we really need some.
    It thundered a lot last night but we didn't get much rain...;(

  5. We had some crazy rain on Monday! It made me not feel so bad about being sick. HAHA

  6. Ahhhhh did you send the rain to me:)

    Its been storming and new we have a million teeeeeny tiny frogs!

    Awe, the turtles. I just love those funny looking creatures!

  7. I am posting a month and a half....actually almost TWO months late on this but I have been busy and am "catching up" today! I had laser surgery about 12 years ago. After a few years (due to my advanced age) I started wearing correction again but not nearly as bad as before. All that to say that I used to not see the clock at night myself. Go to Walmart and buy the little LED clocks with the BIG numbers! It was my favorite thing for a long time!!!

    I also love turtles and had several as pets even when my kids were teenagers! I especially loved the tiny ones and had one named "Spunky" that would eat from my hands! In regard to your experience....."Eeeewwwwww"!

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