Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

I'm so glad it's Friday!!! Hopefully, the day will go by quickly. Last night Dean & I had to go to Lowe's. Dean's off today & he's going to do some stuff in the yard. We decided to have dinner at Chili's. Let's just say this hasn't been the best eating week for me. I had a cup of chicken enchilada soup. O.M.G. sooooooo good!!! The queso is good too but I like my friend Allison's version better.

Since we were going to Lowe's & Shoe Station is right there & I had a 25% off coupon we stopped there too. Shoe Station ALWAYS has a coupon in the paper or online. I NEVER buy shoes there without a coupon. Last night I found these.
I LOVE them!! Fuchsia, 3 inch heel, what's not to love right?? They surprisingly didn't feel too uncomfortable when I tried them on. The original price was $34.99 but they were on sale for $19.99 & then with the coupon I got them for $15. You can't pass that up! I have a dress that I bought last summer that's black & white with a pink belt. I plan to wear it for Easter & I thought these would look good with it.

A trip to Shoe Station isn't complete without a flip flop purchase. I can't help it. I love them. I think I'm addicted maybe. I really wanted some sort of yellow ones but surprisingly they didn't have any. I got these.
I love all the bling! I don't have any silver flip flops & these are comfy. I like the thick heel.
These were originally $50, on sale for $40 & with the coupon I paid $30. The brand is Corky's. I've never had that brand but I liked the bling better than the Volatiles. While I was paying Dean signed me up for the "Free Shoes For a Year" contest. He kept talking about how much money it would save him. Personally, I think he's really lucky that I'm perfectly content to buy cheap affordable shoes & don't need a closet full of Louboutins! Oh & he bought a pair of flip flops too!

This weekend the LSU baseball team plays Cal State Fullerton. This is a huge series. Fullerton is really good & LSU has only lost one game but they haven't played anyone that's any good so this will be a great test to see just how good or not so good LSU is.

Fullerton has been one of my faves since 1998. They came to LSU for Regionals. LSU beat them which meant they went to Omaha to the College World Series. After the last game the entire team came across the street (where we all tailgated) & ate & drank with us. We had sooo much fun. We all gave them LSU shirts & hats & they gave us Fullerton hats & shirts. The ones they were actually wearing. To this day I still have the shirt I got & it's one of my favorites. It's so comfy but I'm sad to say it's getting pretty thin & probably won't last much longer. Yes, I know t-shirts don't generally last for 13 years. Anyway, after tailgating with them several of us took several of the players to a local bar & hung out. Tailgating at The Box & meeting some of the opposing teams was always so much fun! Needless to say this weekend with Fullerton brings back a lot of great memories. I hope everyone has a great weekend.



  1. WOW, those are smoking hot pink shoes. I have seen some awesome shoes today:) Have a great weekend.

  2. Dean should be very thankful that you get your shoes on sale. A good pair of heels is insanely priced today, however, they would last for years. Little does he know how difficult it is to be a woman when it comes to shoes! hahah!

  3. Oh I would be in a body cast if I tried to walk in those heels! But I am going tomorrow to look for new flip flops. Can't wait. I bought a t-shirt the other day that says "If I can't wear my flip flops, I ain't going." The saying was specifically stated for me, I feel sure lol.

  4. OOO I love the pink ones and those flip flops are so cute!! I have some similar I love them!

  5. Cute pairs of shoes, Traci. I can't wear high heels anymore. I can only wear up to 2 inches if they are thick but I love flip flops....Christine

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  7. Supa cute shoes!! And your legs will be smokin' hot in those heels.