Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Birds!!!!

Anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I have bird issues. I HATE THEM!!! Kara finds this hysterical! I haven't always hated birds. They were just a nuisance but now it's full on war! I've been told by several people that if I get some rubber snakes that will keep the birds away. There's a problem with that. I can't find any rubber snakes. Seriously! The only ones I've found are fluorescent colors & I don't want that. One of the floats in the Mardi Gras parade was throwing just plain  black ones & you should've seen me & Dean hollering for some. We didn't get any. Anyway, first the birds were building nests & pooping on my columns, then they were hanging out on the ceiling fans, then they were attempting to build nests INSIDE the ceiling fan, then they were hanging out on the outdoor speakers which just happens to be by the back door so there was always a nice pile of bird poop there & now this
They're DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! I bought a bird bath with the hopes that they'll hang out there instead of destroying things. Needless to say the cushions on the new patio furn. will not be left out. Stupid birds.

What's really bad is birds are like the new "in" decorating accessory. Everytime I see one I get aggravated. You will not find any birds at my house!! Well, at least not any fake, non destructive ones.



  1. LOL! Traci that is really too funny!

  2. Oh Traci.... And I bought some cute little birds/nest to accent your home. Shall I just keep them?

    All joking aside.... I would be a little miffed, as well. DEF take the new cushions inside!
    As for the snakes, have you looked at the Everything's A $1.00 store? I am thinking my kiddos have picked up one or two from there.

  3. Oh - yeah, I would be a little more than slightly irritated!!! I haven't heard of using rubber snakes, but I guess that does make sense. The Discovery Store usually has them if you have one nearby. Or you can buy them by the box from Amazon...

  4. I'd be pissed if we had that problem! We have beer bottles lining the tops of our patio cover to hopefully keep the birds from nesting there. They are really disgusting creatures!

    You had me laughing out loud with this post though! Hope you find a solution soon!

  5. Lol!!! Oh my goodness, I hate birds too! Especially when we go to the beach...I can swear that every bird there has an evil plan to get with his fellow birds and poop all over me. So scary! Hope your birdie problem gets solved soon! :-)

  6. LOL! Sorry about that, Traci. I actually like them but they have not destroyed anything at home yet....Christine

  7. Birds are nasty. I agree...anything that flys and poops at the same time, has issues. Yuck!

    If you really want some snakes I see them at Target all the time...Hayden always want to get one. And the dollar store had some toy snakes too.

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am LAUGHING SO HARD right now!!! That is halarious!!! Come on down to know , this IS Texas after all and we have LOTSA snakes!!! I will take you to the Rattlesnake Roundup!!! OH! OOPS...those are REAL! Well my sweet girlfriend...its looks like its either BIRDS or SNAKES!!! CHOOSE...
    LOL!!!LOL!!!LOL!!! SO laughing right now!
    Bless your lil heart!!!

    Whats it gonna be?

    Team Birds or Team Snakes...Ohhh, laughing!!!

    you know i loooooooooooove you!

  9. Sorry lady! I feel the same way about roaches and Florida is full of them! ewwwwwww

  10. Oh my gosh, who knew that birds could be so crazy?? Makes me think of that movie by Alfred Hitchcock. Did you ever see it??

    PS: I live in Shreveport! We are not that far apart!! Hooray!

  11. I'm so totally laughing right now, but also nodding in agreement with your passionate dislike of our feathered friends. Dare I say "sky rats" & still be politically correct? I love home decor with birds of all kinds, but have grown to hate the outside ones, except little hummers. Love those! I don't know what kind of birds you have issues with, but our problem is mainly pigeons. The Man went online & ordered a machine that was specifically for deterring pigeons, but they might have something for other birds, too. Ours plugged in outside & you could set it to go off as often as you wanted & at whatever volume you chose. Our made noises like birds of prey that are especially feared by pigeons. I had to get used to it because it sounded like something you might hear in the middle of the Amazon. I found myself ducking a few times at first, but got used to it. It definitely worked for us. I would look up Bird Abatement & see what you might find. Hope this helps.

  12. It sounds like you have the same relationship with birds that I have with squirrels.

    Too funny, since I have that bird decor problem! :)

  13. What about a yard cat? I would be BEYOND ticked at that destruction!! Birds are just nasty.

  14. Traci, just buy the florescent snakes and spray them isn't like the BIRDS will know the difference. You could probably hang a couple lengths of black tubing from Lowes. Look where they sell their garden irrigation stuff.

    Do you think BIRDS tore up your patio cushions?

    You need to figure a way to eliminate the protected ledges that they are sitting on. If they are nesting there, pull down every nest.

    Hey! I have an idea....get the tubing from Lowes, but hook it up to your water supply, put a timer on there and let it squirt water up there a couple times an hour!