Monday, March 14, 2011

Not a fan of Mondays

Yes, I know it's better than the alternative but I'm still not a fan. Especially, with this new time. It takes me awhile to get used to it.

Friday night we went to the LSU game. It was a close game but they won. There really isn't anything more to say about that. Saturday, I went to Yogalates. It was only the 2nd time I went last week because I took Monday off since I was off of work. The last 2 weeks routines have been a little tough. Today will be a new one. While I was at Yogalates Dean was putting together our new patio furniture. YAY!!!
The fire pit can also be used as an ice bucket or it can be taken out & it's just a solid table. We ordered it online. It was hard to pick out the fabric for the cushions but I'm very pleased with it.
Now I have to get new cushions for my glider because of an unfortunate incident with some BIRDS!! More on that in a future post. Suffice it to say I'm ready to KILL them.
We went to the game Saturday afternoon & my mom & dad came with us. It was another close game but LSU won. Dean & I went to La Carreta Saturday night. I love their tortilla soup & their Rumritas! I got the chipotle shrimp to go with my soup & it was soooo good.

Sunday we were up bright & early to go to Mass. When I say bright & early, I mean up at 6:00 for 7:00 Mass. Which of course was really 6:00 Mass. I much prefer Sat. afternoon Mass but we were at the game. After Mass we stopped & did our grocery shopping & when we got home I took a little nap. It really was little, only an hour. There was plenty of stuff to be done Sunday so I told Dean to only let me sleep an hour. I'd decided not to go to the game so I started working outside. I washed down the rockers on our porch & I started a spray paint project. Naturally, I ran out of paint mid project. It times like that when I wish Lowe's was closer. I didn't bother to go get anymore because my trigger finger was killing me. This morning my wrist & forearm are sore. So weird. I'll finish next weekend. Anyway, I pulled weeds & then we had lunch. Dean did ribs on the BBQ pit. They were delish! Then off he went to the game with his dad & nephew, Drew. Off I went to get my nails done. They were looking awful. Note to self: always wear gloves when operating a can of spray paint. Anyway, I picked Got A Date To-Knight by OPI for my nails & they remind me of little pink Easter eggs.  It's always sooo hard for me to pick a color because I like them all so much.

When I got home I sat outside in the new furniture & read awhile. The weather was beautiful all weekend. Hopefully, it will be like that next weekend too because I have a list of "projects" to do outside! How was everyone's weekend? Do anything fun?



  1. Your paio looks so inviting Traci! What a difference between our weather and yours this time of year. How I long for relaxing outside. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!


  2. Hey Traci, love the fire pit, ice bucket, table combination. We need one of those at our pool!. Here's to hoping you get to take advantage of it really, really soon.

  3. Oh, I want to come hang on the patio, sit by the fire and drink wine:)
    Looks great Traci.

    I hope your week is fantastic sweetie,

  4. I love your furniture! I am glad that you got to enjoy it this weekend.

  5. Great new furniture! It so nice to have a relaxing outside area to relax & get a bit of Vit. D!

  6. Your weekends are always so eventful! You almost need another weekend to recoop from the weekend! ;)

    Great furniture--LURVE the firepit.

  7. I love your new pario furniture Traci. We were in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Sunday and Monday to pick up my granddaughter who is spending her spring break with us. I blogged about it today. It was a nice weekend!...Christine

  8. I don't like mondays either but i love your patio, can I come hang out with you :)XO

  9. I love your new patio looks so comfy!