Monday, April 11, 2011

Another project

About 3 years ago we got our pool. Dean & I did all of the landscaping ourselves. There was one area in the yard where we couldn't get anything to grow. Including banana plants, which I thought were really easy to grow. Dean figured out it was because our water leveler drained into this area & the salt water was killing everything. A few weeks ago he did some drainage work so that the leveler drains into the canal/ditch in the very back of our lot. Here's a before picture of part of our yard.

The things in the pool are solar rings & they help warm up the pool water. The area along the fence is what we were working on. Here's a close up.
Grass didn't even  grow right.
Thursday, Dean had 6 yards of dirt delivered. The guy that we get dirt from works with Dean & he always throws in a little extra. This time he threw in a lot extra. The pile of dirt that's left looks as big as when we started.
Dean built a brick wall to keep the dirt from washing under the fence into our neighbors driveway. He got the bricks at Lowe's. We bought rock like the kind that's around the pool  to put on this end of  the bed.  I just realized I don't have a picture after we put the rock down. Dean spent his day off Friday building the wall & shoveling dirt.

After much research we decided that we wanted Bamboo in this area. Not the kind that goes crazy & runs all over the place. We got what they call a "clumping" bamboo. There are several different kinds. We bought "Golden Goddess". The trunks are a pretty golden color. Here they are planted.
Another angle. The bamboo is supposed to grow fairly fast so it'll fill in & cover the fence.
This is what it looks like mature.
We have a ways to go! We also bought 2 "Frost proof" Gardenias. These are planted in the bed in front of the bamboo.
That's how we spent out Saturday! I'm so happy to have this done. We just have to add pine straw.

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  1. It's looking good, Traci. I know it is a lot of work since I work in the yard a lot and those rocks and bricks are heavy, but it's all worth it, isn't it? We only have 6 solar rings and our pool is so big and for us to cover it completely, we will need another 30 more and I cannot even find them anywhere anymore. I bought ours fom Solutions and they don't have them anymore. Where did you buy yours?..Christine

  2. Hey Traci, I think the area your working on already looks great! I am not a yard person, I am just hyped up right now because of the change of seasons. I will be whining about the heat a little later on lol.

    Now about those solar rings, tell me where to get them...are they costly? I have literally seen my 10 year olds lips turn blue because the water is still so cold, but she just can't wait to go swimming. I have never seen the solar rings. Will have to check them out.

  3. That looks like a lot of work. I doubt I'll ever get the hubs to do as much as Dean did. haha! It is really coming together though. I'm still in awe of your door.

  4. Your yard looks great! All that dirt is really going to help and your yard is going to look great, especially when it all fills in!

  5. Your pool area is beautiful and will be even more so now that you have solved your problem. I would never want to be inside the house if my yard looked like that!

  6. It looks amazing! We are going to try and landscape our front yard this year. The bushes that were in place when we bought the house are just horrible!!

  7. That is going to look so great! I wish we had the climate you guys have. We barely have green grass here in CO.

  8. I'm glad to see this post....we are about to get a pool and I am so nervous! Can you tell me anything about the process or the maintenence? We know we will enjoy it but I am a little intimidated by the whole thing. I, too, am curious about the solar rings. There will be an area we are planning to landscape ourselves & one guy told us anything that grows well in Florida should do okay around a saltwater pool, palms and those sort of plants.