Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stick A Fork In Us

No Thugs is done! It's official. After starting the season with a bang our inexperience & ineptness kicked in & we lost 5 in a row. It wasn't good. Most of the games weren't even close. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing I find out that the lineups can be changed at the last minute as long as who you're changing hasn't played. Apparently, EVERYONE knew this but me. If Sean Peyton hadn't benched Carney, I still wouldn't know. So needless to say we didn't make the playoffs. Looking on the bright side though, we didn't come in completely last. That's something right??

Today is a sunny day. Finally! Seriously, I think it's rained at my house for like 2 weeks straight. Not to say that I haven't enjoyed the rain, at least at night, because sleeping while it storms is great! BUT raining on the way to work & having to deal with the traffic & an umbrella & trying to keep my hair from getting messed up isn't fun. A lot of that rain was wasted too. I haven't been getting in any naps on the weekends so I wasted some great sleeping weather. Of course today isn't a perfect weather day either. It's soooo windy. I didn't know about the hurricane or I would've put my hair in a ponytail. I had to run out at lunch & pick up yet another Christmas gift. I'm finished now. Aside from my hair needing to be cut & the wind I'm currently sporting my sunglasses as a hair accessory! It's a good thing I got the whole hair appointment thing worked out (I had an appt., then it was rescheduled, then I was going to cancel but it was rescheduled for when I needed it so now I'm going Friday morning). I'm not sure if I could take much more of this. While I was at the mall I looked around for something to wear to the Christmas party we're going to Friday night. I found nothing! Now, I have things I could wear but I wanted something new & sparkly & Christmasy. I didn't think that was too much to ask. What I discovered is that apparently the economy is not in bad enough shape to have the $90 tops on sale. That's all I could find & I haven't completely lost my mind yet. I have a couple of things to wear if it's not freezing cold. I'll just have to see what it's like tomorrow night.

On my way home from work I got my nails done. I guess if I don't have anything good to wear to the party at least my hands will look good. I would love for this to be a really relaxing experience but I spend the whole time stressing out over what the people are saying to me. I THINK I got a free set of gel nails instead of the regular ones as long as I promised to come back for my refill. This place is fairly new. I've never been there before but it's on my way home from work. I liked it a lot because the guy that did my nails & the chick doing the pedicures didn't really talk to each other so I didn't have to listen to their language (which isn't a pretty language at all, I'm just saying) or worry that they were talking about me. He even gave me coupons when I left. I think he recognized that I wasn't a regular like the other people that were there. I don't really care about the reason I'm just happy to have a coupon for my refill!!!!!

I love the way they look! Maybe I'll make this a regular thing.

If you've been wanting/trying to poof your hair check out this video!

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