Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Catch Up

Things have been a bit crazy & I haven't had time to blog since before Christmas. We started our celebrating with Christmas Eve Mass followed by dinner with some friends at Ruffino's. This was our first time to try Ruffino's & it was very good. Santa even made an appearance!

That's me, Amelia-Ann, Santa, Alexandra & Sheri. This guy was obviously one of Santa's helpers because he was on the skinny side. This isn't the greatest picture because I was using my phone & the lighting was dim. After dinner we headed home to have dessert with some other friends.

Dean & I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. He gave me a Coach purse, a Victoria Secrets gift set & a raft for the pool. I've been wanting this raft but didn't know that it existed. I can sit up & read while my butt & legs are in the water & it has a cupholder! What more do you need?? Here's my purse.

Dean cooked a huge pot of gumbo for Christmas dinner & our families came over. We all got lots of nice gifts. After all the hoorah over me & my sis-in-law buying my mom the same thing (a digital picture frame), my mother-in-law & sis-in-law got ME the same thing!

It was too funny! I'm just really happy to know that people listen when I talk. Thanksgiving Day I mentioned that I wanted one of these for when we have parties!

I also got these wine glasses from my parents.

Now I just have to get Christmas dishes to go with them! Maybe I'll use the money they gave me to get some.

This was one of my favorite gifts.

My nephew Logan, gave me this. It's all pictures of him & in the center of the frame is an iron "L". I already have it hung up.

Logan had fun opening his presents & playing with the paper!

The other kids had fun too! This is my cousins Dylan & Brooke.

Can you tell not everyone wanted to take this picture? At least I got somewhat of a smile out of Brendan & Scott's always happy!

Toodles for now & Part II of Christmas coming up....

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