Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas - Part II

Saturday morning Dean & I went to Bayou Pigeon to Dean's cousin Deborah's house. All the cousins were there & as usual, a ton of delicious food! I thought Sam's Mrs. Claus outfit was sooo cute.

Emma wasn't feeling good & had just woken up from her nap in the car.

We played a rousing game of hot potato!! This is Cody with his mawmaw Deb.

Sam was just chillin'!

Santa even made an appearance!!

We had a lot of fun & everyone got good presents! This is Dean's Godchild Lexie with her Coach purse.

Dean has about a million ice chests but he doesn't have one like this!

It's for the pool! The ice chest is in the middle & all around it are cupholders! This will get a lot of use if it ever warms up & stops raining!!!

Sunday the only thing I did was clean out the pantry & cabinets in the kitchen. I had quite a pile of stuff to donate.

Yesterday, Mrs. Joyce & Mr. Andrew came over with our niece & nephew, Camille & Drew so we could give them their Christmas presents.

It was very difficult to get everyone to cooperate for this picture. I'm glad it came out the first time!

We still have a couple of gifts to deliver but for the most part Christmas is over. I plan to take down all of my decorations & trees this weekend. I'm going to miss not having my big tree to look at.

Til next time....


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