Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oops I did it again!!

It's already Sunday night. What a bummer. The weekend goes by much too fast. I had a scare Thursday. While I was at work something weird was going on with my left eye. I could see but everything was distorted & had jagged edges. My first thought was my retina was detaching. I called the Dr. & they told me to come right in. By the time I got there I wasn't having the problem much anymore. They dilated my eye & checked it out. Everything was fine. I was having what's called an Ocular Migraine. They don't last very long & the symptoms are very similar to a detached retina. My Dr. tells me that I'm more inclined to have a detached retina because of my "severe nearsightedness". Joy joy. Something else to look forward to. So the rest of the day I could see out of one eye & one eye was all blurry. It pretty much drove me crazy. I went back to my mom's to wait for it to wear off enough for me to drive. Lucky for me all this happened during the week that mama had Logan so I got to spend the afternoon playing with him. I thought this pic was funny because he's never this still when he's awake!

I just thought this one was adorable!!!

Friday night the girls were supposed to get together for dinner at La Carreta to celebrate Vicki's birthday. We had to cancel because the weather was so bad. There was rain, then sleet, then snow!

I know it doesn't look like much & a lot of areas got much more than we did but I was still very excited. I put on my new rubber boots & traipsed around in it with the neighbors for awhile.

Saturday morning my mom & I went shopping. I didn't buy anything except these.

Yep, I did it again! I said I wasn't going to buy any shoes for awhile BUT I've been looking for this style & every time I find some they have a white sole & I didn't want that. So not only did these have the grey sole but they have FUR!! How cute is that? I wore them today & they were sooooo comfy! I always say looks before comfort & functionality but I love it when I find cute & comfy shoes!!! Some of you may wonder what Dean said when he saw them, he just rolled his eyes!

After Mass yesterday I picked up Brooke & Dylan to come spend the night. We stopped at McDonalds & then went home & played Wii. This was the first time I'd played & it was so much fun. It's definitely good exercise too. We boxed, played tennis & bowled. It's really amazing how real it is. Just as in real life when I bowl I have a natural left hook & my ball barely gets to the pins because it rolls so slowly. It was fun anyway!! This afternoon we went to Skate Heaven for Brooke's 5th birthday party. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Unfortunately, it looks like No Thugs is done for the season. After a strong start we're on a 4 game losing streak. It hasn't been pretty. I think we'll do better next year because now we know what we're doing!


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