Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who Dat & Rats!

Yesterday, I needed to go to CVS to pick up a few things so I went on the way to get my hair done. Imagine my surprise when I'm checking out & there's a stack of Zhu Zhu Pets by the register. I don't know much about these except that my friends little boy wants one & they're nowhere to be found except on eBay. Of course hot toy on eBay a week before Christmas = A ridiculous amount of money to get said toy. So I bought one. Allison is very excited about my purchase. Now, I don't understand what all the commotion is about. This thing just looks like a stuffed rat but whatev! So, while I'm sitting with foil all over my head Allison sends a text wanting to know which rat I got. My response is "the orange one", she says "is it Mr. Squiggles?". Ummm, don't know. Seriously, WTH? They have names?? Thankfully, this information is not so important to Allison that she makes me go to my truck with foil in my hair to see. I think she realized if she asked me to do too much the price might go up from $9.99! So then she wants to know if they had accessories. OK, WHAT?? The rats have accessories? I didn't see any of those. Well, then I think about it & realize that my little cousin Brooke may want one. She got one for her birthday & it was the only gift she was interested in. So, a text goes out to her mom Leslie which results in a frantic phone call wanting to know where in the world I am that I'm able to buy the rats. I fill her in & what does she say? Do they have the accessories? Good grief. Once my hair was done I went to the CVS in Baker & got more rats & low & behold they had accessories. There's a carrying case & blanket, a bed & blanket, a car & garage & some sort of twirly ramp. I got all of that. I'm wondering if I could pick a street corner somewhere & sell this stuff out of my truck for a premium?? This is my stash.

After the Zhu Zhu ordeal I went to mama's. She had Logan & he'd just woken up from his nap when I got there. Perfect timing! He's so fun! He thinks his Tante is hilarious!!!!

Last night was our friends Christmas party. They live next door so that was great. No travel time & when you get tired you just walk across the yard & go to bed. They had a DJ that we had a lot of fun with. This is me & Courtney either before or after Brass Monkey!!!

This is Kitzia, Me, Suzy, Courtney & Sheri somewhere between Tricky & Sweet Caroline!!!

I've learned that iPhones take better pictures than Blackberries.
While at the party it was brought to my attention that one of my neighbors who has a little girl (she's an only child) has 2 pet RATS! Why Why Why??? This is completely stressing me out. The kid is like 8. All I can think of is that they're going to get loose. Crawfish & frogs in the pool, armadillo's in the landscaping & raccoons hanging out are one thing but I CANNOT HANDLE RATS!!!! This is just really disturbing to me. I just really have to question the sanity of a person that buys rats for their daughter & good grief, what little girl wants rats as pets???

Today Dean & I had visitors. Allison was coming over to get the Zhu Zhu's. She brought Cael, Amanda & Bode along with her. Cael was intrigued with all of my Christmas decorations. Magic the Elf even made an appearance which was hilarious! I always love to see Cael because this kid LOVES me! I don't know why but he does. When he got out of the car he came running at me like he was going to tackle me & gave me the best hug & a kiss! He's so sweet!!

The boys were in a trance watching Finius something or other on TV.

We're watching the Saints game. They're losing at the moment but it's still very early. I have to say it's kind of nice to watch a game & not have the added stress of worrying about how our fantasy team is doing. I hope they win but I'm still not fully convinced that they aren't going to do something Saintly to blow everything they've accomplished this season. And what's all this "Special Edition of Thursday Night Football"? Why can't they just say "Saturday Night Football"??? It's ridiculous.

Who Dat!!!

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