Friday, January 29, 2010


Friday morning when we woke up we were docked in Cozumel. I took a couple of pictures from the ship.

We had an excursion booked & it was one that I wasn't looking forward to. Maybe I shouldn't say I wasn't looking forward to it, I just had zero expectations. That way I wouldn't be disappointed. It was a cooking class. That's right, we were paying someone to teach us how to cook an authentic mexican meal. Everyone knows I don't cook, I don't like to cook, I don't really want to learn to cook & I don't eat authentic Mexican food. See why I didn't have any expectations??

We had to take a bus to what they called a resort. It was really just a park but it was nice. This is a picture while we were waiting for the bus.

At the resort/park there was a restaurant, a pool & of course beautiful water & a nice beach. They brought us to a room that had windows everywhere so we could see the water. It had all these little cooking stations & there were 4 people per station. Perfect since there were 4 of us.

The first thing we had to do was put this on

Don't I look thrilled? Chef Luis insisted we wear them the entire time. I was ponytailing it that day so I guess it didn't really matter. He proceeded to teach us. He was very funny. Our main course was fish wrapped in a banana leaf. Here's Dean cooking. Not an unusual sight at all.

Here's proof that I really did participate.

He also taught us about presentation.

These were the tortilla's we cooked to make our appetizer. If you notice the skinny legs in the background, they belong to one of the gay guys on the cruise. His presentation was UNBELIEVABLE! It was amazing how pretty he made his plate with that red dye!

This was the appetizer once it was done. It was REALLY good.

This was dessert.

It's cookies layered with rice pudding with cinnamon sticks as a topper. It was good if you like rice pudding.

Here's me & Chef Luis.

Doesn't he look about 12? He studied in Paris which to me is really strange considering he's teaching us how to cook mexican food in Mexico. Anyway, we had such a good time in this class. I highly recommend it. See what happens when you have no expectations!

I was a little startled when class was over & we went to the place where we'd eat. This thing was sitting right outside the door.

After we ate, there was a little mexican walking around with an iguana asking if you wanted to take a picture holding it. Ummm, no thanks dude. I certainly wasn't interested but then Cliff informed us that iguana's are carriers of salmonella. I guess that's one the reason the ship makes that announcement that you can't bring animals back on the boat.

Here are some pictures of the water!

We took the bus back to the port & did a little shopping. There was a band playing.

Carlos 'n Charlie's & Senor Frogs were in the shopping area so we went to Carlos 'n Charlie's for a drink.

Dean's starting to age & his eyes aren't as young as they once were. When the waiter brought the menu & he couldn't read it in the dark they brought him this.

These were the largest & cheapest drinks we had the whole week! Only $27!!!! Dean got nervous when the waiter brought the ticket & it said $365. It was in peso's not dollars!!!

I'm still amazed at the water.

That takes care of all of the ports we visited & the excursions we did. We had a fabulous time & I highly recommend it!


  1. Oh man! Isn't the water beautiful in Cozumel??? I ACTUALLY swam in the water because I could see straight down to the bottom!! That cooking class looks like alot of fun.

  2. I'm glad you took pictures of you participating in the cooking class, because I wouldn't have believe you. HA!