Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Freezing!

Just like I can't believe it's already 2010 I can't believe our weather. It was 24 degrees this morning when I woke up & thanks to my new favorite thing, dry shampoo, it was later than I normally get up! What would it have been if I was up at 5:30 like normal?? I HATE HATE HATE the cold. Yes, I hate hate hate the heat but I don't think I hate it as much as I hate the cold. I mean 24 degrees? It's Louisiana not Minnesota. I keep hearing about Global Warming & Al Gore. I really wish somebody would clue him in that THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR LOUISIANA. It's ridiculous is what it is. This isn't even the worst of it. The weather people say 19 degrees this weekend. Seriously? WTH?? IF it's got to be that cold, it really needs to be snowing & accumulating. That will be the only way I won't be complaining about it. Who am I kidding, I'll still complain about it because I HATE to be cold. Speaking of cold, I still have yet to figure out the greatness of the Snuggy. I mean it's nice & all but I just don't get how it's really all that different from any other blanket. Can someone explain? I think I'd prefer to just have footy pj's.

The only good thing about the weather is it could actually help me. I didn't make any resolutions this year but I do have a couple of goals. I want my house organized & cleaned out before swim season. I've gotten a pretty good start on this & maybe with the weather being so awful I'll do more this weekend. I certainly don't anticipate leaving the house. Swim season is my goal because I want to be able to float around the pool with a book & a drink without feeling guilty about there being things to do in the house. Plus, that gives me plenty of time.

Yesterday, I called the Dr. to get seasick patches (we cruise in 11 days) & while I had them on the phone I asked for a prescription for whatever it is I currently have that's making me feel so bad. He called me in a nasal spray. It was $51 for a very small bottle. According to the directions I'm to use it once a day, 2 sprays per nostril. I had my doubts about this last night but I'm no Dr. & I just spent $50 on this stuff so I was going to give it a try. OMG!!!! This stuff must be some sort of miracle. After the initial coughing fit I had after taking/spraying it, whatever, I didn't cough again the rest of the night, I was able to breathe & I slept all night with no problem & I feel pretty good today. So I deem the $51 nose spray a success!!I wish I would've called the Dr. a week ago.

Today at work I cleaned my desk. Yes, I went through files, I threw stuff away, the whole bit BUT I also actually cleaned my desk. See, the "cleaning people" (I use the term loosely), we have basically empty our trash cans when they feel like it & they vacuum the important people's offices. That leaves the peons to clean our own desks if we want them clean. I keep Clorox wipes in a drawer & I clean fairly often but with everything being so busy during the holidays it's been awhile. It's disturbing to see how dirty something gets just from sitting there having stuff piled on it. I wonder if this is why I'm always sick?

We're crusing in 11 days. It can't come soon enough. I think I mentioned the ridiculously cold weather? I'm ready for sunny & balmy & warm. I can't wait!!


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