Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Costa Maya

Before I get to Costa Maya I forgot that Monday night we went to see Jo-El Sonnier. In case you don't know he's a cajun singer. We didn't know that he would be on the cruise. Everyone really enjoyed it. Come to find out his keyboard player is Charlie Rich Jr. NOT to be confused with Charlie Pride. (Somebody & I'm not saying who had the two confused). Charlie Jr. sang The Most Beautiful Girl & Behind Closed Doors. He was really good.

On to Costa Maya. I took this picture as the boat was docking. I thought all the bright colored buildings were pretty. If you look to the right of the pink building you can see a swimming pool. This was in the middle of a shopping area. It's like having a pool in the middle of Towne Center or Perkins Rowe! There was a restaurant/bar there too.

As we were docking I spotted this.

I don't know who or what they were doing but they looked like shady characters to me.

As we got off of the ship we were greeted by these people.

The dog looks like my neighbors' dog so I felt a little better. I mean who uses a yellow lab as a guard/military dog??

Once we got off the boat we were to get on a bus to bring us to where we'd tour the Mayan Ruins. We bought some refreshments for the ride.

This was $7.00. Actually, it was $6.50 & Dean gave the guy $7.00 & he didn't give him any change. Being that it was just .50 & we were in a foreign country we moved on. I was just happy to have some carbonation!

We boarded our bus for the Ruins. At one point our tour guide informed us that we were approaching a security checkpoint & it wasn't a big deal. I looked out the window & saw this. He was texting but I didn't get that in the picture. A guy actually got on the bus & walked around. The tour guide said that never happens. Hmmm.

We arrived at Chacchoben & toured the Ruins. Although, we had a good tour guide & it was interesting, I can now say been there, done that & I don't need to do it again! It really is amazing how big these things are.

Yes, I know I'm so white I'm fluorescent but that will be remedied shortly! Here are a couple more Ruins.

They basically all look the same. The Mayan people must have been a good bit taller than 5'4" because that's how tall I am & climbing those steps were difficult! I needed longer legs.

It's a shame they give the whole little spiel before you get off the boat about not bringing back food, plants or animals because I would've loved to bring some of these home to my backyard! It was palm trees as far as you could see!

After getting back to the port from our tour we did some shopping & walked around. This is the pool at the port. Next time I think we'll just hang out here. Isn't it pretty?

This is Dean & I before we got back on the boat. This was a pool that was right on the beach.

I was amazed at how pretty & blue the water was.

One thing I forgot to mention is that the crew doesn't want anyone to be sick. There are little hand sanitizer machines all over the ship. Not to mention before you walk in any restaurant there's a crew member with a spray bottle of sanitizer. They greet you with "Happy Happy Washy Washy" & spray you! It always made me laugh!

Back on the boat we rested & then got ready for dinner & the evening show. Norwegian's motto is "Freestyle Cruising". There are no set times to eat which is great. Some nights we went to the early show & then had dinner & some nights it was dinner & the late show. It was just whatever you wanted to do!

Up next....Guatemala!


  1. I hope you enjoyed you "COKE". It was probably expired since it had Santa Claus on it. HA HA HA