Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back!

WOW! The cruise was wonderful! We had the best time & I feel better than I have in years! I'm completely relaxed & rested. We should've done this a long time ago! The next few posts will be long & have a lot of pictures but I thought it would be easier to tell about the trip here.

We were able to get on the ship very easily Sunday. We showed our passports, they took our pictures & gave us our room keycards & we were able to board. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the table where you could sign up for the all you can drink soft drink card. Pepsi products. YUCK!! I couldn't believe. Oh well. Once we boarded we ate lunch & had our first drink.

Everyday on the ship there is a drink of the day. Sunday it was Tropical Passion. It was very good. This is when we first met Waiter Charlie. He was from Indonesia & was very funny. It was like he just appeared anytime we wanted a drink.

We had already booked a tour of the Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya but nothing in any of the other ports. We stopped at the excursion desk to see what else there was to do. Apparently, Guatemala isn't the best place to get off the boat. The guy just kept telling us there was shopping right at the dock. Fine with us. Against my will (well, not really. I didn't want to do it but I didn't want to be a party pooper) we booked a cooking class in Cozumel. I've been through this, I don't like to cook, I don't know how to cook, I don't eat a lot of Mexican & what I do isn't really "authentic" & I don't want to pay someone for the privilege of teaching me to cook. In Belize we just booked a beach excursion. More on that later.

Sheri & I went & had a Fire & Ice Pedicure. It was FABULOUS!!! They did a hot stone massage on our legs. It made me want a back massage. After all the packing & arranging I did, I neglected to put a pair of flip flops in my carry on bag so after the pedicure I had to walk around like this until our luggage was delivered to our room.

I've always heard how small the rooms are on a ship. I was surprised when ours wasn't as small as I expected. It was small but just not as small as I thought. We had a balcony so that made a difference too. This is Dean standing in the "foyer" between the closet & the bathroom.

This was the little desk area that I used to fix my hair & put on makeup. Note to self - next time I go on a cruise there's no need to pack a hair dryer because you couldn't plug it in & had to use the one they had in the bathroom that resembled a vaccuum cleaner.

The bathroom was really tiny. Here's the shower.

The sink & the toilet. I was standing right outside of the door when I took these so this is pretty much actual size.

When I went out on our balcony this is what I saw.

WTH??? We thought they were going to escort us out of the River but apparently they only escorted us out of whatever parish we were in.

After our lunch, drinks & pedicures we went to our rooms to rest. I of course took a nap. It's what I do. I took these from our balcony as the sun was setting.

Later we went to dinner & decided that it would be a great idea to get in the hot tub. Well, we were only a few hours out of New Orleans & that particular day was a bit cool. The hot tub water wasn't hot & once we were in we figured out that we were going to have to get out at some point. Yeh, we didn't think that through. I was freezing to death by the time we got back to our room & people were looking at us funny. Momentary lapse in judgement.

Monday was going to be a day at sea. Dean & Cliff signed up for a Pub Crawl. While they did that Sheri & I laid out by the pool reading, watching people & having drinks. We knew the guys were having a good time when the pub crawl went by the pool & there was a guy with a plastic bucket on his head! There were some really interesting sites & characters by the pool. I've never seen so many tatoos in one place. After the pub crawl the four of us went to a martini tasting. The first martini was one I usually love, a Cosmo. This one was a tad strong.

There were some good ones but there were some really bad ones too. We tried them all & drank most of them!

After dinner when we got back to our room we had this waiting.

Anybody know what it is? We still can't figure it out!

That's all for now. Coming up....Costa Maya!!


  1. Okay, I've seen lots of cute towels made up. But WTH is that? Those people need to go back to "towel school"

  2. LOL...I was thinking that your "towel folder" person was having a bad day. Maybe he was escorting the pub crawl people! LOL

  3. I didn't think of that Mrs. Carolyn!

  4. A snail?? Yeah, must have been a beginner towel creature creator!!

  5. Looks like you had a great time, I'm going to go read all the rest of your posts now. Was that towel animal a snake maybe? It kind of looks like a Cobra head!