Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beginnings of Vacay!!

I'm almost packed. FINALLY!!! Well, most everything I'm bringing is stacked up on our bed. It still needs to be put in suitcases but those are just details. The hard part is done.

Last night Dean & I officially started our vacation. We went with some friends to a wine pairing dinner. There were 6 of us & we had such a good time. The wine was good & so was the food. We'll definitely do it again. When the dinner was over we went & had a drink at Monjunis. Of course I had a wedding cake martini. They are soooo good! Suzy had never had one but she definitely enjoyed it! This is me & Suzy.

Today Dean & I went to Scott & Lydia's to see Logan. He was in a good mood & we played for awhile. He finally let me rock him to sleep & we just laid in the recliner. He's sooo sweet. Logan loves when his Nonk holds him because he's so high up!

He tolerates me & all my hugs, kisses & squeezes!

I was shocked at this.

That little black blob on Dean's leg is Scott & Lydia's dog, Baxter. Dean is not an animal person much to my dismay. I've been trying to talk him into a puppy but so far nothing. Maybe he's starting to soften. A couple of years ago he would hardly look at a dog much less pet one & be a pillow for one!

Logan was ready for the Saints game!

We're watching the game now & there's a minute left. SAINTS WIN 45-14!!!!! That town is going to be WILD tonight!!!

I also finished the book Water For Elephants that I was reading for the real book club. The circus people were much better than the squirrel people but it still wasn't something I would've chosen to read. I was trying really hard to finish the book before we leave on our cruise. I always like to read something fun & light when I'm on vacation. Which reminds me that I need to gather up some books & magazines.

This will probably be my last post until we get back. There's internet access on the boat but it's kinda pricey. So Toodles for a week!!

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  1. That's the cutest baby I've ever seen... Love his momma :)