Friday, March 23, 2012

Yay for Fridays!

I love when I don't have to work all day on Friday's. I got off early today to pick granite. I took off last Friday to go & get quotes. The other guy got back with me & blew the other people away with his quote. $1000 cheaper. Normally, this would make me wonder but they came highly recommended by people with very expensive houses so I'm going with them. I had to go to the stone yard this afternoon to pick the slabs I want. I knew what I wanted but apparently depending on where they cut the stone will do different things with the colors of the slab. I decided on Giallo Ornamental & the stone yard had a dark & a light. The place isn't far from my office. I'd never been before but the guy said "corner of Airline & Pecue across from the new Woman's Hospital". If you're from around here that's easy peasy. Off I go. Well, I get to the corner of Pecue & Airline across from the Hospital & there's no Tuscan Stone. Yes, I have GPS in my car but you don't need that when you know where you're going. Yes, I have the map thingy on my iPhone but you don't need that when you know where you're going. When I realized that obviously I didn't know where I was going I put it in the GPS. It directed me in the complete opposite direction. When I figured that out I called the place & do you know what they said when I asked where are y'all located??? "THE CORNER OF PECUE & AIRLINE ACROSS FROM THE NEW WOMAN'S HOSPITAL". Um NO YOU'RE NOT!!!  Then they said "across from Industriplex". OK, I made a u turn & was on my way. I admit I'm directionally challenged BUT they are not on the corner, you actually have to go down the street & they're across from the side of the hospital & there's a bunch of houses between the two. WHATEVS! I found it. These are the slabs I picked.

I know it's not the greatest pic but it was with my iPhone & outside in very bright sun. I chose what I wanted & the guy said they were reserved for someone but they'd call the stone yard in New Orleans to see if they had it. The chick came back & said what they have is reserved & the next shipment gets into port on April 20th. Translation: Gets into port in New Orleans on April 20th maybe, sits there for days or maybe even weeks waiting to go through customs. 4 months later you get your stuff. The chick was like "oh you're familiar with this". Yeh, my dining room furniture sat in customs for who knows how long. My "in real life friends" aren't surprised by this because crap like this always happens to me. I was not waiting. NO how, NO way. The chick said she wanted to show me one more slab so off we went. She went straight to the one I'd chosen. "That's available" she says. YAYYYYY!!!! She thought the guy was talking about a different slab. I told her I didn't want to see it because I might like it & I'm not willing to wait indefinitely. Not to mention I'm very indecisive. Don't give me too many options. So my name is on 2 slabs of this & I meet with the fabricator Wednesday to finalize things. I also decided on the back splash material. It's tumbled Travertine in the color "Storm". I completely forgot to take a pic but the fab guy is supposed to have a sample for me to bring home. I'm very, very excited!

Our good friend Katie is staying with us this weekend. She played Volleyball at LSU "back in the day" & this weekend is Alumni weekend. Her hubs, Sean, wasn't able to make the trip this time which is a bummer but we're happy to have Katie & baby Quinn.
She was all clean from her bath. I love babies after their baths. The last time we saw Quinn was last summer & she was just a baby. Now she's crawling all over & will have her 1st birthday in May. Dean fried fish & shrimp & we all hung out visiting. We're babysitting now while Katie goes & hangs with her volleyball friends. Quinn is really easy. She's sound asleep!!!



  1. Look at that Granite!! Yay!!

    Now that you have Miss Quinn in your home, does it give you the baby-wannas!!?? ;)

  2. Love the granite, and am so excited for you. Now.....I know you didn't ask for any advice here, but let me tell you what I wish I could totally "re-do"......
    my edges!! I just got the plain square edging with no special cut or anything, and to me it looks cheap! There are so many different cuts to choose from for your edges, and some even give the appearance of a much thicker slab of granite. Soooo, if I could change anything, this would be it. Putting my new glass doors up today :)

  3. $1000 is definitely a hefty difference!

  4. Ohhh, love the granite!! It looks similar to ours actually! I am THE WORST EVER at directions and finding places. Seriously.

  5. Oh we are so alike!
    1 - I take directions literally (and after all, wouldn't you think they should be taken that way?) and always end up right up under it, but lost!
    2 - Please don't give me too many choices! I will never ever be able to decide! :)