Sunday, March 4, 2012


Roatan = EPIC FAIL!!! We had big plans for Roatan. We had a zip line excursion set up, along with beach time & playing with monkeys. Yes, monkeys. I was so looking forward to this. The zip line, the monkeys, not so much. I wanted to zip line on the last cruise but was out voted. If one more person tells me no biggie, I can go to Livingston Parish & zip line I'm going to punch them in the face. For those of you that don't know, Livingston Parish is about 30 mins. away from my house but I digress. We got up at the crack of dawn & was ready to get off the ship at 8:00. Roatan was another place that we had to tender in. The tenders were the life boats.
Look how gorgeous that water is! I didn't know there were mountains in Roatan.
So here's the epic fail part. They wouldn't let us get off the ship because they claimed it was too windy. I don't believe that for a second. There were like 2 other ships in the area letting people off. Apparently, there were some people that were going on a ship excursion & managed to get off the ship & they had to send people to bring them back. There were a couple of people that had already left so the ship had to circle Roatan for like 5 hours until they could get those 2 back on the boat. I'm still aggravated about the whole thing. We spent the day laying out. I drowned my sorrows.
First with a Mimosa.
Then pina coladas.
And then CAKE!! It was sooo good. Suzy won a sales contest at work & her boss had the ship surprise her with cake, champagne & their state room decorated. She shared the cake. I also had a nap & that night was the "White Hot Party" which meant everyone wore all white. There was good music but we didn't stay long because all my peeps were ready for bed!
Kermit welcomed us back to our room.



  1. What?! Too windy to get off? That doesn't even make sense!!

  2. Bummer!!! That sounds kind of ridiculous??

    At least you were able to drink and have cake! :)

    Love all the cruise pics!

  3. Total bummer. We were on a cruise several years ago that was supposed to stop at Martha's Vineyard, which was the one stop for the whole week I REALLY wanted to make. We had the same thing happen - too windy - and I was so disappointed, so I feel your pain! Maybe all the crazy Costa sinking ship business has the cruise lines being extra cautious. Looks like you still had a good day though!

  4. That really stinks about the wind... at least you could drown your sorrows with some tasty beverages and cake. :) Can't wait to look at your other posts regarding your cruise!


  5. That is too bad....but it looks like you are having a great time. Cheers.

  6. Well that does stink! But, at least you had good drinks - and a ton of sugar!! ha