Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Saturday we spent the majority of the day working in the yard. Dean was making some adjustments to some drainage & putting the rest of the mulch down. We still have to buy more. I planted flowers & Dean also moved a couple of plants around.

This is 21st century phlox. I got it off the clearance rack at Lowe's for $3.00.
Dasante Blue Delphinium
This is my favorite! Pink Hydrangeas
Aren't they gorgeous? I hope I can keep it alive.

The Dianthus were on clearance for $1.00. The plants looked healthy for the most part. I figured for $1.00 I might as well see how they do.
I wanted something to put in pots on my patio so I got Impatiens
I got 2 different colors. It's hard to tell in the pictures but some are a bright pink & some are more of a purple. I also got some mini snapdragons that were clearance for .50 each. I got a few of those & planted around my mailbox. I forgot to take a picture though. We also planted a Knock Out Rose in a spot to replace a Gardenia that never did well & eventually bit the dust this year.

I don't know about y'all but our weather has been crazy nuts. I have plants that never went dormant & stuff growing that doesn't normally grow at this time. My begonia's & geraniums have been blooming for weeks. We're supposed to get a lot of rain the next few days. I'm glad because the rain water makes such a difference & with all the new stuff we moved & planted it needs some good rain water but I'm not happy about it because it will probably interfere with my run schedule. I ran this morning & my plan is to go again Friday morning. It's tough getting out of bed at 4:45 but it's great to have it done.



  1. Good luck with your flowers. I could be wrong, but I think the impatiens, dianthus and hydrangeas require shade. If it requires shade, I don’t plant it. I've never had luck with it even when I do put it in the shade. But then again, I don't think much will survive in the summer.

  2. Oh I am so jealous of anyone who can keep a plant alive! I want some hydrangeas so bad. We actually went to Lowe's this week end and a tiny pot of a hydrangea was $19.00 and I wasn't paying that. Love your pink, I will find some somewhere. I am about to go out and do a naked rain dance to try and get rid of some of this pollen!

  3. Oh- those looks great!! I can't wait to buy some. I almost went yesterday but them realized I'd be away for a week and do NOT want to come home to dead flowers, LOL. I will kill them fast enough while I am here!!

  4. What a beautiful time of year!!! Love the plants.

  5. Your plants look lovely! We have done a lot of planting (shrubs, flowers, veggies), so we're keeping our fingers crossed. We had a huge storm last Sunday, & one of my pots in the front got totally drenched. Now I need to do some cleanup. Our temps dropped to almost freezing on Monday (yeah, I know, this is the desert!) & we lost one little cucumber plant. Now we're creeping back up to the 80's. Crazy, crazy weather!

    Good for you on your weight loss & exercise program. I don't blame you for not wanting to run in the rain. A gazillion years ago, when we lived in Oregon, I was a runner. I had special gear, because if I didn't run in the rain, I wasn't going to run most of the time. I hated it, but always felt good for having done it.

  6. I love, LOVE delphinium. A tip for your hydrangea: keep it WATERED, "hydra" means water. Also it likes part shade. I have about 15 hydrangeas but we are moving so not sure how many will be at the new house. We are building a new house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! XO, Pinky

  7. These are beautiful! I keep looking at my pots thinking, "I can't believe that I haven't planted anything yet!" and then I remember how early and unexpected "faux spring came" and really the real spring just began last week ....and I don't feel as guilty LOL