Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hat Woman & Shoes!

Saturday was book club. You may remember I'm a member of what was dubbed "The Worst Book Club Ever". We do read books & sometimes even the same books, just not at the same time. Like now, everyone is on the Hunger Games bandwagon. Everyone, but me, that is. I read Twilight & some other absolutely ridiculous book so I'm pretty much done with anything that isn't "normal". When I say normal I mean no aliens, vampires, wolves or whatever Jacob was, dystopian, etc. Anywho, Saturday evening I was making a stop at a local family owned grocery store, Calvin's, if you're from the area, to pick up what has got to be the absolute best chicken salad EVER! I parked & saw this.
Yes, it's a random chick with a really big hat on sitting in front of the grocery store. It's hard to see just how big the hat is because her head's turned & it's black & blends in with the background. Trust me, it was big. Hat Lady was selling tickets to some sort of raffle. I have no idea what it was about because luckily for me when I was going in she'd already nabbed a lady & was giving her the spiel. She was dressed very cute & the hat was cute too but it was very strange to me to see someone sitting outside of a grocery store dressed like this. On to book club. As usual, the food was divine. It's very odd considering that very few of us actually cook, yet we always manage to have too much good food. Between, the chicken salad, my friend Vicki's cheesy raspberry dip (sounds weird doesn't it?? It's amazing!), and this
I felt sick. This bowl of goodness is a diet blower waiting to happen. Thanks to Wendy, we know that it's 670 calories per cup. I'm pretty sure I ate at least a cup. The good news? There's no way I will ever make this concoction because of the 17 million steps involved. There are Reeses to be cut & then cut again, brownies to be baked & cut up. YES, there are brownies in this too. Pudding to make & mix with Cool Whip. Allison used low calorie Cool Whip. Thank goodness! I can't imagine eating this with regular Cool Whip & not saving those 10 calories. (That would be sarcasm). Then you layer the whole concoction. It was delish but good grief. We did actually talk about books this time but we also did Zumba. Allison's been going for awhile & she gave us a demo & taught us some of the moves. I can see why people like these classes. It seems to be more fun than actual exercise.

While I was on the cruise I started C25K again. Sunday morning I started Week 2. I hate that I've had to start over but after being hurt for so long I think it's the way to go. It's definitely been easier this time around. So far anyway. Yesterday, I had a dentist appt. so I got home from work a little early. I went for my run. The weather was awesome. It was in the low 70's & there didn't seem to be any humidity. After my run I helped Dean tackle this "little" project.
That's 70 bags of mulch. We got 24 put down in the backyard. I don't think 70 is going to be enough. It's so pretty though. I'll have pictures once we're finished. 

Today at lunch I ran to Shoe Station. Y'all know I love that place. What makes it better is this week there's a 25% off coupon. Normally, they're only 20%. Far be it from me to waste a good coupon. I got these & they're so comfortable. The brand is that  b * an o with a line through it * c.
 Yes, I took the pics in my car. I did it while I was thinking about it. I got these too.
Cute huh? I love Corky's flip flops. They're so comfy. I bought a pair last summer because they were so cute. I had never heard of them & had no idea how comfy they were. I should've taken a better pic of the heal. They're not flat. They have a little wedge. The best part? $19.99 + the 25% off. Seriously, who passes up $15 flip flops??? Not me, that's for sure. They had them in a couple of colors but I don't have any green flip flops & these are really bright. Perfect for summer. I had to wait in line to check out. Not ideal when you're on your lunch break. Y'all may remember me talking about how I'm not a fan of check writer's. No offense if you write checks in a store but I hope you start filling out the check while the cashier is ringing your stuff up & not wait unitl she's completely finished to get your check book out of your purse. If you do that you'll get an eye roll from me, but you won't notice because you're too busy digging for your check book. Well, I had a whole new experience today. The lady's total was $55.01. What did she do? No, not write a check. She pulled out a penny & her credit card. HUH? Why would she do that?? Well, that would be because she wanted the penny to pay for the .01 portion of $55.01 & she was charging the $55. Umm, wierd much?? I think so. The cashier apparently thought so too because she kept asking her "you want to use the penny?" To which the customer kept saying "yes, you said it was $55.01 right?". Sorry but I think this is the weirdest thing ever. For the life of me I can't figure out why someone would do that. Do you know how much longer it took to handle the transaction that way? I do, I wasn't enjoying it. That's why I try not to shop at lunch.



  1. That dessert looks amazing. Oh yum! The cool whip comment made me giggle! I love those flip flops...they are so cute!

  2. You are starting to rock the cute shoes soon. Love the random hat lady. I could never be part of a book club, I have a bad attention span for a long period of time. That is why blogging is good for me, I get to hop around!

  3. That dessert looks the green flip flops and a penny...really??!!

  4. Oh my...that looks SO good!! Sinful!!!!

    I went to run yesterday afternoon too. It was so nice outside!

  5. We're about to sod and relandscape our backyard...Ugh!

  6. I could eat that dessert for breakfast right now.

  7. First off, that dessert looks amazing and I'd love to try a spoonful, but no more than that because it's probably got 500 carbs per serving! LOL. I feel your pain regarding the mulch. We have a whole trailer full that my husband is unloading now(4 yards)~ 108 cubic feet. We will probably need 5 more trailer loads for our front and backyard. Problem is, I can't help him, which makes me very unhappy because I LOVE digging in the dirt and spreading mulch. It smells sooooo good. I'm currently going to a chiropractor for some therapy on my neck. Your yard is going to look great after it's all down.

  8. That situation with the Penney is funny, lol. The dessert looks really good but too rich. Love the flip flops, Traci....Christine

  9. Love the shoes, Traci, especially the green ones! One of my favorite colors. You are so funny about your pet peeves! I just may have a "topper" for the penny lady. When we lived in Yuma (had to be the "Snow Bird" capitol of the country), these wonderful (cough, eye roll, snarl) were notorious for trying to find something that didn't have a price tag, & then trying to convince the sales person that it was from the dollar section. The lines would be getting longer & longer behind them as they quibbled over a quarter. I was behind someone who did that one day & stood there trying to decide if she was going to pay the addition quarter. I reached in my purse, grabbed 25 cents, plunked it down on the counter, & asked her to please take It and just go. Would you believe she took it? I actually got a round of applause from all the other people waiting in line! I totally agree with you about waiting in the checkout line & not getting your check ready or even out of your purse until the total pops up. I even make sure I have my card in my hand long before the transaction is ready. I see that "obliviousness" a lot in older people (like they are the only ones on this earth), so I try very hard not to be that way, too.

  10. Okay, do you have a Steeplechase in town? What a strange "hat-capade".
    Shoe Station?! I didn't know they were a real store! I have ordered from them online and just thought they were a warehouse somewhere - cute shoes!!
    A penny? Really? Come on lady!
    Looking at all of our pending yardwork makes me uber tired....