Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy Busy!!

Again, it's Monday & the weekend flew by & there are still things that I wanted to get done that I didn't. Oh well. I ended up taking off Friday. I wanted to get some estimates for my granite counters. I was wide awake at 3:45 am. Thank goodness I didn't have to go to work. I went for my run & was out the door on the way to the first granite place at 7:15. I found a granite that I liked & surprisingly, it was an "affordable" granite. So, the guy tells me that he'll have a quote for me today. Huh? I thought they'd give me the quote while I was there. Oh well. So, here I sit not so patiently waiting for that estimate.

Next stop was my parents. I visited with them & my brother a little. He's recovering from surgery on his pec muscle. He completely tore it away from the bone working out. OUCH! Next stop was lunch with Allison & her mom at Roberto's. You know, home of the best ever fried shrimp po boy!!!! YUM! It only took me 55 minutes to get there from my parents. Traffic in this town is horrendous. Not to mention there's just no easy way to get there from my mom's. After lunch I was off to the next granite place. I really liked the girl I dealt with & I found a granite that I like even more. She told me she'd have an estimate for me later that afternoon. I was very excited about that.

Next stop? Home Depot. Along with new counters & back splash I want to paint my cabinets. I picked up a few samples. I love that Behr has these small containers that you can have mixed to whatever color you want & they're only $3.00. The plan is to test them on some old cabinet doors I have from when we replaced the built ins in the living room. That's a project I didn't get around to. Speaking of Home Depot. I don't know how anyone works in that store. It was sooooo hot! I was about to die.

Then it was off to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I'm completely out of tea K-Cups. I bought Tazo Awake which I really like & I was thrilled to see they had the Tazo Zen which is the green tea. You wouldn't believe how much better it is than the other green tea I bought. When you make the Tazo & pour it over ice it taste exactly like what I buy at Starbucks!! Soooo good!

I finally made it home about 4:00 & then we left at 5:00 to grab something to eat & go to the LSU baseball game. I enjoyed the game but they played 10 innings & I was TIRED!

Saturday we were up early to go hang out at Lowe's. Y'all, hanging out at a nursery or the garden dept at Lowe's makes me sooooo happy! Love, love, love! I bought some plants & spent the day in the yard planting. I'll do a separate post on that. I skipped the baseball game Sat. night because I was tired. I did make myself do my run.

Yesterday was another early morning with 7:00 Mass & grocery shopping. I managed to get a nap in when we got home. We went to the game & I got to see Logan. He was at the game with his parents & some of their friends.
He had fun I think.



  1. what i find funny.... that you had a nice run and then ate a Po Boy. :) Darn them and their yumminess.

    I love granite--- it's such a classy look.

  2. We had a busy busy weekend too! I need a day off to recuperate. And to clean. :)

  3. Yea, I think he had fun. When we left he told us to... wait, wait, wait, I need my bat! Glad we got to visit for a little bit.

  4. I want to see before and after pictures!!

  5. Sounds like you've been busy! It's exciting that your kitchen is getting a facelift and granite countertops. Can't wait to see it all when it's finished!

  6. You have been busy! Goodness, I remember when I could do all of that in a weekend, but these days, I am lucky to get one thing done!
    Logan is such a cutie!!