Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A HOT Weekend!

Saturday morning I was going to walk in The American Heart Association's Heart Walk at LSU. Lydia is in charge of her company's fundraising. She was planning to run the 5K. I'm not there yet so Allison & I were walking & we were taking Logan with us. That was interesting. He was so good. Aside from the having to tell him to sit down in the stroller a million & one times. HA! He loved seeing all the dogs that were with their owners. The walk took us by the LSU lakes which he really likes. He LOVES water & boats & got very excited when he saw both. Somehow he managed to kick off both of his shoes without me ever noticing. Allison noticed one was missing & thankfully, a lady behind us picked it up. I was going to put it back on but then I noticed the other one was missing too. One of the walkers said that someone behind us was bringing it to us. Good grief. I made sure I said I wasn't his mother. I didn't want anyone to think "poor kid, his mom is awful". For a while Logan was leaning around the side of the stroller looking at something. Now I know he was watching his shoes get further & further away! I can't believe he didn't say something. He had spotted some balloons on some of the tents before the walk & he wanted a "RED BAWOON". We promised him one after the walk. The only problem was that they weren't actually handing any balloons out. I had to get a lady to cut one off of their tent for him. I tied it on his wrist & all was right with the world. There were lots of inflatables for the kids to play on afterwards too.
Logan loved it! Thankfully, he loved it all so much he completely forgot about the balloon. We had to take it off his wrist so he could play & "someone" accidentally let go of it & off it went. I know, I know, I'm horrible!
Logan plays so hard he was red in the face & his hair was soaking wet. It was hot! About this point he told us "I want to go home". Poor thing wore himself out. We left & I didn't do much the rest of the day. Katie & baby Quinn were at LSU for the Alumni Volleyball events so I took a nap & Dean & I went to Mass & out to dinner at Monjuni's. It was delicious as usual. While I was at the walk Dean was out buying a new toy.
It's called a "Primo Oval XL". It's one of those ceramic cookers like the "Big Green Egg". Dean's little Weber grill that he's had for 20 years is on it's last leg so it was time for something new. It's not often Dean spends money on himself so I'm glad he decided to get this. We'll get a ton of use out of it. I plan to stain & seal the table. We've already had chicken that he cooked on it & it was delicious. Not the least bit dry. 

Sunday morning we were up bright & early. Thanks Quinn!! HA! Seriously, Katie & Quinn were leaving early to go to Mass & get on the road back to Texas & we wanted to make sure we saw them before they left.
She looked so cute all dressed for Mass. Quinn is one of happiest babies I know. She was all smiles all weekend. After they left Dean & I went to Lowe's. I honestly think Dean would rather set me loose in a shoe store than the garden center at Lowe's. At least shoes don't require any work once I get them home!
I got the pot at Lowe's. I love the colors. The top is more of a brown/rust color but it goes great with the red I have around the patio. I was never a blue fan but I love it now & especially for outside stuff. I bought the plant too. It's a Ballerina Blue Fuchsia. It only wants shade so I have it on the patio. It also attracts hummingbirds. I put all my feeders out too. I haven't seen any of the little guys yet but I'm ready.
I bought 2 hanging ferns. I've NEVER had luck with ferns, or anything else hanging for that matter, but I'm going to try again. I'm not crazy about the black pots but for the last few years I used my hanging baskets with the brown stuff that lines them & I'm thinking that could be why I haven't had good luck. We'll see.

I have a bed in another part of my yard that needed something. I decided that I wanted another Knock Out Rose. I've had a lot of luck with those.  They bloom like crazy all throughout the spring & summer. I wanted a yellow one & Lowe's didn't have it so we stopped at Louisiana Nursery. I didn't end up with a yellow one. I got a "White Out Knock Out". I've never seen white before & I decided I wanted something different.
There was another spot in the yard that needed something so I got a yellow Hibiscus.
I saw these & wanted them. I knew I could find a place for them. They're "Easy Wave Blue" Petunia's. The color in the picture is off. They don't look blue at all. For my peeps that know LSU's colors, they look exactly like LSU purple. They're so pretty! I moved something around & put them in this pot. They also had a very pretty lavender color that I love & may end up with. I need to find a spot for them!
All the mulch has been put down too. I think we ended up somewhere around 110 bags. I love how it looks. We just have a few more things to do & the yard will be where we want it. For now anyway.



  1. Logan must have been really tired. So funny about his shoes, lol. Your garden is looking so pretty, Traci...Christine

  2. LOL.. Yea, he likes to throw things out and watch as you keep going. I've learned to ask what are you looking at? LOL

  3. So pretty! Your really found some beauties. I absolutely love deep purple and the white knock outs.

    Funny but I have a "new family member" (long story) who is an LSU Grad so of course it is now one of my new favorites team along with FSU and Ohio State (hubby is a grad). I know, who would ever put those three together right? LOL!

    Your nephew is darling!

  4. Look at that garden grow!!!!! You have a green thumb.

  5. Cohen's face gets really red too! Logan is so cute! I can't wait to see pics of your whole yard because your flowers are so pretty! Brandon wants a big green egg for a combo anniversary/fathers day/birthday gift. I told him to add in Christmas and Valentines Day and we would talk! Haha!

  6. I'm amazed that you were actually able to keep Logan in the stroller at all! He's so cute. So is Quinn. Quinn is our little Avery's middle name.

    Your plants are beautiful. My MIL used to grow the most gorgeous fuchsias in Salem, OR. She always had several hanging in pots around her little back porch. I always loved seeing them. They have no chance here in AZ....lol!

  7. Oh, we SO need to do our yard. I love those bright petunias! I have no experience with flowers at all!

  8. No shame...I've totally lost the dudes shoes before. Ha!

  9. I always do ferns - put a pine cone in there to keep the birds from nesting. I also get hibiscus every year, too, but have never had a yellow one - so pretty!!