Saturday, March 10, 2012

I found a Stylist!!

I've mentioned before that I was looking for a new Hair Stylist. I really liked the last girl that did my hair. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the best hair cut I've ever had. Last week I called to make an appointment. "She doesn't work here anymore" is what I got. Well, isn't that just great. I made an appt. with someone else because they couldn't tell me where Alexy went. I wasn't overly excited about that. I feel like I got lucky finding her & I didn't want to take another chance on someone else new. I turned to Facebook. No luck. I couldn't believe that. She's in her 20's. I know she has Facebook. I went to Pinterest & found her & there was a link to her Facebook page. YAY!!! One of the reasons I left the girl I'd been going to for years & years is because it's about a 45 minute drive & hard to get an appt. I was very excited to see that Alexy's new salon is 5 mins. from work & about 20 mins. from home. Pretty much everything except Canes & LSU is 20 mins. from my house so that's no big deal. The salon is in an old house that was fixed up. It's really cute. I was getting a cut & highlights. The owner of this salon is from Baton Rouge but she lived in Los Angeles for 20 yrs. & was a Stylist for movies. I think she's brought stuff she learned in L.A. to B.R. After my head was full of foil she put me under this thing that looks like a dryer.
Instead of a dryer, it's a steamer. It cuts the processing time in half. It's great! This is how the front turned out.
I've been noticing that as I'm getting older I've got the eyelid droop going. It's very noticeable in pictures so I've been trying to open my eyes more. This is a little ridiculous though! Here's the back.
It was such a lovely day in B.R. Nice & cloudy so the pics don't show my highlights very well. She styled my hair entirely with a hair dryer & round brush. I've never had anyone do that. Not to mention that it stayed all day. Even after a little nap. I decided to that this brush could change my life so I bought one.
I've probably lost my mind because I paid $25 for this thing but I'm thinking of it as an investment. She told me that I could throw away all of my other brushes & this one would last forever. She wasn't trying to sell it. I asked her. She also gave me lots of hair tips. She said that mine was in great condition which is a surprise because it's been like 12 weeks since I've had a hair cut. She said that ideally you should only wash your hair at most twice a week. Well, with all my exercising that isn't going to happen. She said to only shampoo my roots & around my hairline. It keeps your hair from drying out. She also said to use sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. I'd heard about that but I wasn't sure if it was hype from the shampoo companies. Yay for finding someone I love!!



  1. LOVE! That girl did it again! It turned out great. Was it three hours? I really like that brush. Do you think it's the right size? I have one similar, but I think it might be too big.

  2. Your hair looks great! I love the color and cut. I'm so jealous you found a good stylist you love. I have been looking for a good person for years!

    I have a brush similar to that and I love it! I round brush my hair every time I wash it. I need to try to use a Chi, but I think it makes my hair too straight. Weird huh?

    I usually wash my hair 1-2 times a week. I love the 'wash the roots' tip...that is a great idea!

    Sounds like your lady knows her hit the jackpot!

  3. oh my! I must be damaging my hair badly! It's like 4 times here!

    Lookin' great, girl!

  4. Awwww, hooray!!! SO glad you found her. I absolutely loved my hair lady in college and it took me nearly three years to find someone that I liked just as much! Haha!

  5. Hair looks FAB! Was definitely worth the effort to find her! I was curious about your tweet and wondering what brush was $25!

  6. Your hair looks really good.

  7. Your hair looks fabulous!!!! Nothing beats a good haircut!!!

  8. Your hair looks beautiful!!

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    Your hair looks Beautiful! I would like to thank you for your sweet comments on my Hippity" Hoppity". Hope you have a wonderful St.Patrick's Day with your family.
    XXOO Diane