Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

The weather is really messing with my schedule. Yesterday was supposed to be a run day. It rained ALL DAY LONG. At one point last night I wondered if the pool was going to overflow.

Speaking of running, what is it with weenie dogs? There are several in my neighborhood & they go into full on attack mode when I run by. By attack mode, I mean they come charging out of unseen hiding places, with that yappy bark & then stop at the edge of the driveway & continue to bark & bark & bark. They're adorable but I will not own one. That yapping gets on my nerves.

In the near future I will start getting quotes on new kitchen counters. Dean says he has absolutely no interest in this project & his only input will be to ok or veto the price tag. That could be good & bad. He will however, help me paint the cabinets. Thank goodness for cheap labor. Do y'all know how much people charge to paint cabinets??? I got a quote. No way Jose. Of course I may regret that later.

All 70 bags of mulch is put down in the backyard. No, I don't have pictures because 70 bags was not enough. We'll be buying about 30 more this week.

The $25 brush is slowly changing my life one day at a time. If I could grow a third arm to go with the 2 freakishly long ones I already have it would be AWESOME!

I was sad to hear that Jenny Garth & her hubs are divorcing.

According to my mom & my friend Allison I must start watching this GCB show. Anyone else watching?

We have food trucks that come to work & today was a burger truck & the specialty was a cheeseburger with fried dill pickle spears on it. One of the boys came by my desk to show me. I wanted to punch him in the face. It looked amazing but I stuck to my willpower & ate my low calorie wrap. Now I sit craving a shrimp po boy from Roberto's. 



  1. I also got a quote to have my cabinets painted. The price material and labor $3600. I do have a lot of doors (30) and (9) drawers. What was your quote if you don't mind sharing.

  2. Weenie dogs think they are much bigger than then are. They are not afraid of anything.

  3. How mean of him to show you that - ha!!
    My Mother's weenie dog, Trevor, is the same way and drive a lady NUTS everyday when she passes by on her morning walk. You would think he was a vicious maniac. He wouldn't bite a flea, though. Total coward.
    Think long and hard about painting those cabinets - I have seen Doug paint them (he does home repair & remodeling) and I know why it costs so much.
    They said we may break a record here in Columbus today with summer like temps...I won't be running in it though - the pollen is killing me!