Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night was our usual out to dinner night. We went to a local BBQ place called Couyon's. I had a really good pulled pork sandwich. I love that they gave me a pile of dill pickles with my sandwich. I don't know what it is about BBQ but I HAVE to have dill pickles with it. YUM!! We walked next door after dinner & had frozen yogurt at Swirl.

Saturday I was up fairly early & pulled weeds while Dean cut the grass. It wasn't too ridiculously hot so that made it a lot better. I ended up taking a nap & just hanging out for most of the day. We went to Mass & then came home for the LSU game. Several of the neighbors came over to eat & watch the game. Anyone know what this is?
If you guessed frog you win!!! Notice I said frog, not frog legs. I thought you only ate the legs. I learned differently Saturday night. I've tasted frog legs before & I tasted again Sat. night. They really do taste like chicken but they're actually better I think. I didn't eat more because it actually looks like a headless frog. I couldn't really get past that. Dean also fried shrimp so that's what I ate. One of our neighbors, Dave, whose wife was out of town brought this.

He made it & it was DELISH!!! It was cheeses, artichokes, mushrooms & salami. Those olives you see are stuffed with Feta cheese. YUM!!!

The Tigers won so it made for a fun night. Next up is Kentucky at 11:20 am Saturday. For those non LSU peeps, LSU fans DO NOT like day games & especially not 11:20 ones. The game is in BR. We live about 3 miles from LSU so suffice it to say we'll be at home Saturday. Traffic is a nightmare & the road that our subdivision is on is a major thoroughfare to & from LSU. After the game contra flow is in effect so it's easier to just stay home. I'm already planning nachos for lunch while we watch the game. I've been craving them for a week & it's perfect football watching food.

Sunday I was going to a cousin in law's baby shower. I was going with my mom so I got to go hang out with Logan for a little while. He has a sinus infection.

Poor little pitiful thing. That didn't last long though. He was in a good mood & we played with trucks, he showed me how to work the DVD player & how he can tumble. Which led to him wanting me to tumble. Luckily, I distracted him.

Logan now doesn't want anyone to leave once they get there. When I told him I had to go he kept telling me "no, take shoes off".  He knows if you don't have shoes on you can't go outside. It was pitiful.
The shower was very nice. Baby Landry got all sorts of adorable stuff. She's going to be a really well dressed little girl.  I love shower food & It didn't disappoint. There were pinwheels (love!), finger sandwiches (why is it finger sandwiches taste better than regular sandwiches?), dips & this
Isn't that the most amazing cake ever??? What's even better is it came from Ambrosia Bakery. All my B.R. peeps know that they make the most amazing cakes! Again, this did not disappoint. It was so good I had 2 pieces & they were both loaded with icing. YUM! My cousin tried to send me home with cake but I refrained. I took one piece for Dean & that was it.

On a related note, Weigh In Wednesday will be moved to Thursday this week due in part to the shower cake & (I'm scared to weigh) & part because I have something else to post about tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I started Week 7 of C25K. I really can't believe I've been doing it that long. It doesn't seem like it. As of Friday, every run is at least 25 mins. straight. It went well Monday. Today I go to Yogalates for the first time this week.



  1. The cake is adorable, I know it was yummy!
    Logan is such a cutie!!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend.
    There's nothing better than food, football, family, & friends :)

  3. You are doing so good with the C25k!!! You will be running the whole time before long!!!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Frog Legs? I've heard they are good, but I am too chicken to give them a try, even though they are supposed to taste like chicken...lol! Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  5. I LOVE dill pickles w/ BBQ too! It just makes it taste so much better and I have to have plain Lays potato chips. YUM!

    Frog??? Oh my!

    Texas Tech fans DO NOT like day games either. It's so much more fun when they're at night!

  6. Hey Traci, I thought about ya this week-end when hubby said the Tigers won. I knew you were happy. Now you need to tell what all is on that tray that the neighbor's husband made so that I can make it. That sounds and looks like my kind of food. YUM! Looks as if she has done a great job training him, lol.

  7. Feta stuffed olives? OMG, that salad looks amazing!

  8. The cake is pretty awesome & talking about all that good food(minus the frog) is making me hungry!

  9. Yum, yum! Now I am hungry! I don't think I have had frog or their legs prepared properly. Hard to find someone that knows how to cook them just right!

    That cake is so pretty it looks fake! I thought at first it was a a napkin or something until I read further! How wonderful!

  10. When we lived in South Bend, we would hide in our apartment on Notre Dame football Saturdays. The traffic was nuts and those fans are crazy!

  11. That cake looks so pretty, I would hate to cut it. I hope Logan is feeling better....Christine

  12. I need a bite or two or three of that cake! OMG!!!! YUmmy!

  13. You guys know how to have some fun. We love BBQ and finally have had the real deal since moving to the Carolinas. Of course you need some pickles on the side.

  14. I KNOW you didn't eat that frog. WHO ARE YOU these days? That cake was beautiful!