Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well that 3 day weekend flew by. I've said it before, sometimes I don't like being busy on the weekends because they go by too fast. Of course I don't want to hang out doing nothing either. I need to start a countdown to retirement.

Friday morning I wasn't dizzy anymore. YAY!! I went out to do my last run for week 5 of C25K. This was the 20 min. run. That would be 20 mins. with no walking in between. I was scared. I did it!!! It wasn't that bad either. I was so proud of myself.

We did a Sam's run Friday morning. This time we actually only bought food. That rarely happens. The weather was gorgeous! We went to Red Zeppelin which is a local pizza place & had lunch outside on their patio. We decided that we wanted Mexican for dinner so we went to La Carreta. Love, love, love!!! We ate on their patio also. There are very few days in Louisiana that are perfect weather days to eat outside. I wanted to take full advantage.

Saturday we were up early to go to my brother & sis-in-law's camp. It's about an hour & a half from our house.  We went boat riding.

Logan loves the boat! He was so cute. When we are on the pier & he hears a boat coming he stops whatever he's doing & just listens & then he sees it & says "there's da boat", it goes behind the trees & he looks at us with his little arms out & says "where'd it go?" & then it comes out from behind the trees & he says "there it is!" Soooo freakin' cute!!!

While Logan loves the boat, I on the other hand, haven't been a fan. The boat scares me. Of course I haven't actually been in a boat in like 30 years probably. Well, Logan wants to ride so of course I'm going too.
My first boat ride as an adult. It wasn't bad at all. I'd do it again. We went to Gros Marina. They have a little store, a little bar, they cook & sell food & sometimes have bands. The specialty is Lulu's Cherry Bomb Daiquiri. It's soooo good!!!! Very fruity. Funny how I like all of these fruity drinks but I don't like fruit. Weird.
I think it's really pretty out in the bayous & lakes. 
This is the marina. I thought it was cute how they have little parking spaces for the boats. They also have electrical outlets in case you need to charge the battery.
There's even a gas pump for the boats. Logan was enjoying his Blow Pop!
A "No Wake Zone". Logan doesn't care for those because that means we're going slow. Logan's not a fan of slow, nor does he do anything slow. When he was tired of waiting he got right next to his daddy & reached over & pressed the button for the gas. That kid is HILARIOUS!!
Had to include this one just because he's so cute!!! We went back to the camp & Scott fried fish for lunch & we hung out awhile. Then it was home to our house guests. That's a future post. Hope everyone had a good weekend!



  1. Huh-now how is it I didn't know you didn't like boats, that really odd! I'm glad you had a good time! Logan is just too cute!

  2. 20 min run!!! YAY!!!!

    And you look fabulous!

  3. Glad y'all made it to the camp and you went on the boat ride. Logan kept asking for "knok" all day yesterday. He did ask for "tante" at least once. So, I'm not sure who he was really asking for. LOL.

  4. Very cute picture of Logan! He is getting so big. I am glad you woke up without dizziness, Traci. I hope it is completely gone. Sounds like another fun weekend!...Christine

  5. I'm not a big boat fan myself...I'm sure my little man would be braver than me on one. Ha! Logan looks like he had a blast!

  6. Awwww, the lake trip looks so fun!! And yes, the weather has been fabulous lately!

  7. Great shots of a precious boy! The area looks beautiful - but I'd be scared of snakes in those trees - lol! I keep nagging my Dad to get another boat so we can take the boys on a ride. We used to have a pontoon until the Canadian cranked it with no oil....