Monday, September 12, 2011


Not a fan of Monday's. Luckily, today has gone by pretty fast. I had my CT scan Friday & it was fine. There was trouble with the IV. My veins roll but it wasn't awful. The weirdest thing was when they put the contrast in the IV. They lady doing the test warned me that I'd feel warm all over & I would feel like I was wetting my pants. HUH??? Well folks, that's EXACTLY what it felt like. Wendy, you didn't tell me about that part!!! Anyway, the feeling subsided after a few minutes & everything was fine.

After the test I stopped & got my nails done. Dean fried fish & some of our fresh shrimp for dinner. I made a poboy. It was soooo good!

Saturday morning I went to walk the lakes. We had a big crew going. It was me, Allison, Andrea, Jennifer & Sally. It was a gorgeous day & the humidity was still low so it was a really nice walk. I had to do my first Hob Lob run in awhile & on the way home I stopped at Starbuck's. It's practically next door to Hob Lob! I went home & pulled weeds. I definitely think I got my exercise Saturday.

Saturday evening we went to Mass & afterwards out to dinner. Our neighbor Amelia-Ann went with us. Her parents were going to the LSU game & she didn't want to go. We ate at Sammy's & it was soooo good. Poor Amelia-Ann had been playing in a soccer tournament all day so she was exhausted. It wasn't long after we got home that she fell asleep.

She doesn't look very comfy to me but she was sleeping hard. It reminded me of me. I've been known to sleep in odd positions too.

Dean & I are each on football boards at our offices. I never win. Dean has won a couple of times. Saturday was our lucky night. Dean won the 1st quarter & I won the 2nd quarter. That's $100 people!! I was so excited. Sunday, I spent it but that's another post.

Sunday morning Dean got up early to go to his parents so he could go out with his dad to check is crab traps. They caught 18 dozen. He brought me some home just the way I like it....already peeled! I love crab meat in salads. I did day 1 of week 5 of C25K Sunday morning too. Then it was off shopping. Like I said, another post.



  1. Peeled crab, de-headed shrimp, you need to stop! I love both, and your making me really jealous. Lol, have a great week.

  2. I'm so jealous of all your fresh seafood!

  3. The crab sounds yummy. I am so happy your CT scan report is normal, Traci. Congrats on winning too! Must be your lucky week...Christine

  4. Monday was so not my friend yesterday!