Thursday, September 15, 2011

My winnings!

Last weekend Dean & I each won a quarter on our football boards at work for the LSU game. $50 each!! Wooo hooo!! Dean's won before but I never have. Very exciting stuff. Being that I've lost this weight all of my winter clothes are too big. I went to the outlet mall Sunday. I didn't find a ton of stuff but I got a few things.
With all the recent working out I have a fondness for workout clothes. They have some really cute stuff out there. This is a dry fit jacket type thing. I'm sure it will come in handy for runs on cool days. It was marked down plus another 40% off. I bought it at the Reebok store, which I've come to love in the last few months, much to the chagrin of the 12 yr old that was telling his mom "I don't like Reebok, I like Nike".  Spoiled brat. HA!
More cold weather gear. I got this one at the Gap. It's LSU gold (bright yellow for non LSU fans). Not dry fit but too cute not to get. Also on sale. While at the Gap I also got 2 pair of dress pants. They were 50% off so they were only $22/each. They only had my size in black & grey. I would've loved a couple more pair at that price.
 Another Reebok purchase. The pictures of all this stuff isn't great. This shirt is LSU purple. It was on sale for like $7. Can't pass that up. It's dry fit too.
 Then it was off to Ann Taylor. Everything in the store was 40% off. This sweater vest thingy is a burgundy/wine color. I thought it would look cute with a long sleeve shirt underneath with leggings or jeans. I got it for like $15.
This cardigan also came from Ann Taylor. It's bright pink. I can always use a cardigan. It's always cold in my office.
Then I got these beauties!! LOOOVVVVEEE them!! This was a Shoe Station purchase using a $25% coupon. I don't shop at Shoe Station without a coupon. When Dean saw the shoe box he rolled his eyes but these were a need based purchase. I PROMISE! The casual brown shoes that I have are old & wearing out. I thought these were the perfect replacement.  On a related note, I bought a new wallet at Shoe Station too. I was transferring everything into it only to discover that it's too small so I'm bringing it back. BUT, while I was moving things around I found something I'd lost. A $100 Walmart gift card. I shouldn't say I found it because technically it wasn't lost. I KNEW I put it in my wallet but then I couldn't find it. It had slipped all the way down in the credit card slot. Needless to say I was very excited to find it.

Today we had our benefits fair at work. There are all sorts of door prizes & I managed to win (2) $25 Visa gift cards!! Apparently, it's my lucky week. I need to buy a lottery ticket.

Today is our Friday. LSU is playing tonight at Mississippi State so we decided to take off tomorrow. We knew we'd be up late to watch the game. LSU is winning at the moment 16-6. Tomorrow's plan includes a run that I didn't do today due to this stupid dizziness, a trip to Sam's & who knows what else. I did go to Yogalates today. I don't know if all that hanging my head upside down got the fluid in my ears moving around or my steroids just happened to start working between 4:30-5:30 but I felt good all through class & much less dizzy afterwards.

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  1. YOu found great bargains and how LUCKY are you!!!???? Now you can go spend some more:):) Have fun! XO, Pinky

  2. Wow, you've really been on a winning streak! Go get your lottery ticket ASAP! Cute shirts and sweaters and boots too....Christine

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  4. I have a few of those Reebok jackets and I love them!!!

    All your purchases were cute! :)

  5. Lovin' those wedged heeled boots, too cute! I agree run out and get your lottery ticket---FAST! ;) XO ~Liz