Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm up .6 this week. It's not much but not a loss which is a bummer but  that's ok. I think I'm at a bit of a plateau. Yesterday, I was up a little before 5:00 am & got my run in. I'm on week 5 of C25K & this is the first week that the run changes 3 times in a week. Day 1 was 5 min. runs & yesterday was (2) 8 minute runs. I was really scared about those but I did them without much of a problem. YAY me! Next up? Run for 20 mins. without walking. EEK! I'm scared. Thankfully, I got up yesterday & got day 2 in because this morning when I got of bed I was soooo dizzy. I was feeling fine but suspected there was something going on with my ears. I generally have ear issues first & then it turns into sinus. I was able to get a Dr's appt. & sure enough fluid in both ears. I'll be stopping at the pharmacy on my way home from work to pick up yet another round of steroids, nasal spray & something for the dizziness. Oh joy. The only good thing I can say about this is my Dr. said the meds for the dizziness will make me sleepy so take them at night. Good thing because the steroids keep me awake. Anyway, I don't think there's any way I could've ran this morning.

The ENT's office called with the results of my CT scan. Everything is fine. They didn't see anything to be concerned about. I was thankful for that. It would really suck to know that I've been dieting, losing weight & exercising only to find out something's wrong with me.

I also went to Yogalates yesterday. After this week I'm going to try to not run & go to class on the same day. I could tell my legs were tired when we started class. I have to do both tomorrow but that's just how my schedule worked out this week.

Tonight we have dinner with the neighbors for one of the guys' birthdays. We're going to a new place in town, Fat Cow. They have "gourmet burgers" & other stuff. I keep hearing about the greatness of the "duck fat fries". Not a very appealing name but I was assured they are truly greatness. We will see.

I went shopping Sunday. I was planning to do a post on what I bought but I didn't get around to taking all the pictures yet. This is the only one I've taken.
It's a thingy to put my phone in that goes on my arm. I've been wanting one & I found this one at the Nike Outlet for $12. I was very excited!



  1. Yay for C25K! You'll be running your first marathon before you know it:)

    Praise God for a good report at Dr!!

  2. You are seriously rockin' with this weight loss...I'm thinking my two solid weeks of travel set me back. Le sigh.

  3. You are rockin in out there girl! .6 is nothing a little pee pee could not cure LOL!~ Sorry you are not well, I get sinus problems too, usually now, so hopefully not this year. Thanks for your sweet visit! Keep up the good work.