Monday, September 5, 2011


Tigers won! That always makes the trip even better! We had such a great time. The only thing that would've made it better is if the temp would've been about 10 degrees cooler. Tailgating in 102 degrees isn't the most fun! We stayed at the Omni Fort Worth. It was really nice. The team was staying there too. After we checked in I went to Starbucks & got my first green tea of the weekend. Then Dean & I hung out in the lobby. Y'all! The people watching was so great!  For example, there was this
and the back
That says Ware 11 on her butt. Her son is Spencer Ware who plays for LSU. I wonder if he knows she wears this.

Friday night we had dinner with Cliff & Sheri's nephews & wife. We ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was so good. Afterwards, we had tickets to the Lizard Lounge. Travis Matte & Bag of Donuts which are both Louisiana bands were playing there for the Tiger Block Party. We saw tons of people we knew.  Again, 107 degrees at 8:00 pm is a bit much but we had fun. We didn't get to bed until 1:30 am.

Saturday morning Dean,  Cliff & Sheri rode out to a saddle store to pick up some stuff for Cliff & Sheri's daughter Amelia-Ann. I stayed at the hotel to get dressed & do more people watching. With a Starbucks iced green tea of course. Once the crew got back we went to lunch. The area we were in had several restaurants so we walked a couple of blocks & found a burger joint & it was sooooo good! Then it was back to the hotel to hang out. We saw so many people we knew. It was fun to visit with everyone.

We left the hotel around 3:00 to go the stadium so we could tailgate. Please remember it was 102 degrees & we'd been walking around  & it was windy so I don't look my best in these pictures.
Me & my friend Liz.
Dean & I.
Alex, Nick (Cliff's nephews), Cliff, Sheri, me & Dean
Cliff, Dean, Alex & Stan with their beer.
Dean, me & Suraj. We met Suraj when he was a student work in the LSU Athletic Dept. He used to tailgate with us. After he graduated he moved to Dallas. We haven't seen him in years. Dean just happen to notice that he was sitting on the row behind us. I was so happy to see him. That would be a $16 margarita in my hand. "Jerry's World" is AWESOME but cheap it isn't!
This is the big screen. It's absolutely amazing. It's HUGE & the clearest screen I've ever seen. Seriously amazing.
This is the "Golden Band from Tigerland" aka LSU's awesome band. This was pregame. When the band plays the first few notes of pregame it gives you chills.

During the game I ate some of the best nachos I've EVER had. Seriously. I'm not talking about plain old stadium nachos. These things had all sorts of stuff on them.  I was so busy consuming that plastic container of greatness that it didn't occur to me to take a picture. What's even more amazing than how good they were was the fact that they were only $9. Cheaper than the popcorn. Still can't figure that out.

After the game it was back to the hotel. We were hungry & the restaurant in the hotel had a nice taco bar set up which was also delicious. I can't believe I haven't turned into a tortilla chip I ate so many of them this weekend.

Yesterday, we had a fairly easy trip home. There was a slight detour due to wildfires crossing the interstate. We had friends that were ahead of us so they gave us the heads up & we detoured before we got there.

Today was a day of rest & laundry. We seem to be all caught up. I say it was a day of rest but I did do Day 1 of Week 4 of C25K. 3 & 5 min. runs alternated. It was tough but I did it. Yay me!

I hope everyone had as awesome a holiday weekend as we did.



  1. OH and Spencer Ware's mom -- WTH? I'm sure he doesn't know.

  2. I like your LSU jersey shirt a lot. And Ware's outfit, hmmmmm, at least it was unique??

  3. Lots like you had a great weekend...we my niece's wedding and my son's birthday...lots of fun too! I love people watching too!

  4. Okay seriously jealous ya'll stayed at the same hotel as the team! And oh my that outfit! Wow! It was a great game though!

  5. Glad LSU won, Traci. Looks like you had a great trip. You look great!...Christine

  6. Oh, the people! Hahaha. And it was SUCH a great game!!

  7. One of my favorite things to do is people watch!! It love it!

    Sounds like y'all had a great time :)

  8. Tail gating is so much fun! Looks like you all had a blast!

  9. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful trip. I love to people watch too, but when you have a 10 year old with ya (which I usually do) you never know what is going to come out of their mouth's when ya see something a little out of the ordinary. You're looking so slim and trim in the pics!

  10. LOL! I had a hard time getting past that first picture & your comment, "I wonder if he knows she is wearing this!" Ha ha ha! Yeah - I think the players friends & family need to be held to a dress code or something! Hilarious!

  11. I am sorry but that lady should be ashamed...except that seeing this "live" would be AWESOME! Glad yall had fun!